Another of the long string of contributors here at POETIC BLOOMINGS is Connie Peters. She had joined us from the very beginning after we first “met” her over at Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer during the April P.A.D. Challenge in 2009. She, the master of Acrostic poetry, has a vision quite refined and defined by her strong faith and her heart for humanity. Connie is also one with an interesting story told in snippets of her poetic wile. She continues to be a strong voice in this poetic community. I am presenting two of Connie’s works, showing her clear vision and her appreciation of the gifts apparent in this life we share. Here are “The Moon” and “Clarence and Marie” by Connie Peters.

The Moon

The moon sat on the mountaintop,
as if it were going to camp there.
Reluctantly, it disappeared,
perhaps searching for poets to inspire
for a romance to rekindle,
or a lake to admire its own reflection.



Clarence and Marie

“Tell me what you’ll need,
and I’ll show you how to do without it,”
said the kind old man
who lived across the road.

But he and his wife did a lot for us
(a young couple and a baby)
living far away from home,
our friends and relatives.

They became our second parents,
inviting us over for holidays,
running us to Bible Studies,
offering us help and encouragement.

We lost each other over the years,
but we’ll always be grateful for them.


Find Connie’s work at

Marie Elena’s interview with Connie Peters is at

A link to Connie’s Memoir Project Chapbook, “The Party’s Started”


  1. Clarence and Marie is such a sweet story. You tell just enough of it in your poem to give us a clear picture of the whole. A clear picture of who they were, and who you were. Well done!

    And I LOVE The Moon! This is one that I would like to see sent out in the world and made an instant classic, Connie. This one totally wows me!!

  2. Connie, I loved learning more about you. Folks, I met Connie at a writers conference back in the 90s and we stayed in touch. I’m privileged to call her my friend. She introduced me to poeticbloomings and works with me in a Facebook group where we write a poem everyday or at least aspire to. Sh qsse’s so good and I’m just a beginner. Ju9st another sign about generous she is. Thank you for for sharing your gift with us.j

  3. Thank you for the delightful interview, Connie. Connie and I first connected when I found Connie’s poem “In Heaven We Will Dance” and she reached me sometime much later. We’ve had some great conversations on Facebook and Messenger since then, and sharing of our poetry and life. Our family was blessed by the sharing of that poem that my eldest daughter read at my Dad’s funeral service two years ago in May. Dad and Mom were a good dancing pair. Connie graciously gave her permission to share it.

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