New Imaginings… Great Possibilities

Inspiration, they say, is the mother of invention. But before you can be inspired, you must have a vision, a sight of what you want to do or where you want to go. An imagination can feed your idea to full growth, for everything is possible if you believe it. Even the thought of building “a better mouse trap” becomes a variation of a familiar theme, yet is a possibility once imagined. Where does your vision lead? What do you see as possible. What wide-eyed wonderings could you see coming to fruition? Use your intuition and imagine the possible. Then write your “vision” poem.



© Marie Elena Good, 2019




“You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’”
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

A schemer looks for the easy angles
getting the most from the least effort.
He plans quite underhanded,
but never gets his hands dirty.
Flirts with danger, and yet
lets a stranger take his fall.
All his futures are right now,
a get rich plan is all he can stand.
All he can do is scheme
and as such he has no real dreams.

A dreamer holds ideals.
She feels a need to think beyond;
a year, or month, or day from today.
She’ll say, “The world would be
a better place if we face our problems.
Her Utopia sounds nice but
will bore you twice as badly
and drive you mad when nothing get done.
All promises of tomorrow are borrowed themes
and yet the sorrow is, a dreamer only dreams.

A visionary is a scary individual; always
in motion with a devotion to fix what needs fixing.
His contempt for inaction breeds his need
to succeed. No wide-eyed guy is he,
he is focused and undeterred, he’s heard it all
before and swore it can be done. His words ring
true. Imagination and inspiration,
fueled by initiative give him the upped hand.
A visionary is always in demand.
He sees the future and makes it happen. Why not?

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019

34 thoughts on “PROMPT #233 – MOTIVATION: ENVISION

  1. You could call this envisioning the possibility. After a difficult doctor’s visit

    Severe stage emphysema, broken lungs
    I turn the page and mourned a loss that stung
    God’s breath! God’s breath! He helpS me soar
    And gives me something new wants more
    What wonders God has planned I do not know
    God’s breath! God’s breath! He will make it so

    Darlene Franklin

  2. Silent No More

    We pass by the masses without blinking an eye
    Not realizing they’re walking toward the day they die
    We’re all on that journey which will end the same way
    So many not thinking what to expect on that day
    Is that all there will be
    Or is there eternity

    Is Heaven a real place? And what about Hell?
    We’ve heard all the stories that people do tell
    Some say they’re real while others say not
    Some say this life is all that we’ve got
    I believe there will be
    An everlasting eternity

    Since I believe, silence cannot be my game
    I must tell the world to believe on Jesus’ name
    I can’t hide His Light, there’s too much at stake
    My silence might lead to an eternal mistake
    The incentive is Hell
    Of escape I will tell

    © 2019 Earl Parsons

  3. Where is everyone today? Superbowl prep, lol? 😀 Maybe if I bake a cake for Walt’s Birthday, they will come? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PARD! Enjoy your special day with family!

  4. In-Vision

    my own
    visions close
    and private. As a
    dreamer, you live to dream. Visions
    spoken aloud cause you, and friends to exert pressure,
    subtle or not, serving no purpose than to cause anxiousness, and distract you
    from dreams.

  5. The Last Twenty

    I think about the past short twenty years.
    They’ve gone by very fast it so appears.
    Oh my! I think of this and sigh.
    In twenty years, I’ll likely die.
    What will they be like when they come to pass?
    So I will choose to thrive with fun and class.

    I’ll keep this body moving right along.
    Oh, I’ll be grooving to my inner song.
    Don’t stop! But travel here and there.
    And have adventures everywhere.
    Kayak and swim and ride electric bikes.
    Won’t flop, but have some fun and go on hikes

    I’ll learn and stretch well into my old age.
    Avoiding living like I’m in a cage.
    I will! And share from inner wealth.
    Encourage some to godly health.
    And I’ll write poems as my world expands.
    Until they pry my Dell from cold dead hands.

  6. Child of my Past

    Little girl, making mudpies,
    Digging for worms,
    Catching fireflies,
    Did you know that
    I too would
    Plant pretty flowers,
    Talk to bugs,
    Find peace in the soil

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