The Staccato, is a poetic form that consists of two or more 6-line stanzas.

Rhyme scheme: a,a,b,b,c,c

*Required internal rhyme scheme interplay between line #1 and line #2 (see below explanation and examples).

Meter: 10, 10, 8, 8, 10, 10

Repeats: This form requires a 2-syllable repeat in Lines #3 and #6 as specified below.

As in a musical notation, the Staccato poetry form uses short repeats which disrupt the poem’s continuity. The repeat words are read as rapid-fire speech, much like staccato music when played or sung. This lends itself to strong emotion or instruction, a declaration, an instruction or emphasis of human emotion, strong observation , or any similar situation where a strong staccato repeat is desired.

The emphatic two-syllable repeat in this poetry form is written twice, consecutively, at the beginning of Line #3 (each repeat in Line #3 is followed by an exclamation mark), and once again at the beginning of Line #6 (with or without an exclamation mark in Line #6). Please see below poem examples.

Also, Line #2 requires an internal rhyme scheme that rhymes with a word within Line #1, usually falling on the 6th syllable (see examples below), but can fall earlier in those two lines as long as the internal rhyme matches the syllabic stress in both lines

The below example poems color-highlight the internal rhyme schemes and the repeats as a quick reference aid.




Poets write of love, singers give it song,

and bright creative souls cannot be wrong.

Feel love! Feel Love! Its tender touch

reaches so deep to mean so much.

And in the end, ones so loved are so blessed

but they are envied by all the rest.


Yet, love is not meant to be locked away.

You can bet words of love will have their say.

Give love; get love, equal measure,

and know it is life’s true treasure.

For in the end, others will share this prize,

It is perfection in the poet’s eyes.


© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019


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21 thoughts on “INFORM POET – STACCATO

  1. And, another challenging form. Googling this one is interesting because there seems to be many other staccato forms out there. But this one is the most interesting.

    To the Store I Go

    I went to town for a carton of milk
    And soon I found all the store had was Silk
    No way! No way! I can’t drink that
    It’s fake! We all know milk has fat
    But Silk is healthy and so good you see
    No way! It’s only the real thing for me

    Again to the store I went for some steaks
    Ten pounds or more a banquet dinner makes
    Ten Pounds! Ten Pounds! New York or prime?
    How ‘bout the Porterhouse this time
    They’re better in iron, cooked on high heat
    Ten pounds of Porterhouse just can’t be beat

    Again in the car to the store I go
    It’s not very far down the road you know
    Ice cream! Ice cream! Was their request
    But which ice cream would be the best
    So many flavors it’s so hard to pick
    Ice cream’s the trick that never makes you sick

    © 2019 Earl Parsons

  2. Read Me A Story

    Read me a story, Daddy, you know which
    one, The Princess and the Pea; there’s no witch.
    Story! Story! Please read to me.
    It’s not long like other stories.
    Wait a minute, Daddy. You changed the words.
    Don’t laugh! Don’t laugh! This has a pea, not birds.

    Tomorrow night, read me The Nightingale
    with light on to see pictures of the tale.
    Sing Bird! Sing Bird! The emperor is ill.
    You can save him with your trill.
    I love night-time stories, even with changed words.
    Endings! Endings! Princess, peas, and birds.


    Politicians have a running motto:
    when in doubt, just fool `em; talk staccato!
    Cheer up! Cheer up! You worthy folk,
    I’m here to clue you on the joke:
    when politicians start to state their views,
    watch out! They are the ones who push fake news.

    They stretch the truth and have been known to lie
    about themselves, and mom and apple pie.
    Beware! Beware! A smooth, forked tongue
    can lead you to a hill of dung.
    Some people think “fake news” must mean the press.
    Bull! Folks in power like to make us guess.

  4. Phases

    When I was ten I had my life planned out
    Way back when my future was in no doubt
    To space! To space! One day I’d go
    I’d be an astronaut you know
    Even the best plans have no guarantees
    To space! I guess picture will work for me

    And then at eighteen life took a sharp right
    No college for me, my grades were a fright
    Sign up! Sign up! In Air Force blue
    Traveled the world protecting you
    ‘Twas the best decision I’ve ever made
    Sign up! I did! For more than two decades

    Then came the year that I’d hang up the blue
    Fought through the fear and anxiety too
    Move on! Move on! New life ahead
    Time to civilianize my head
    Took lessons learned from military days
    Move on! Stay strong! God will show me the way

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