Now, this next poet has been a favorite for quite some time. And the selected poem fits her persona extremely well. She, of the purple pen (formerly of the Great Northwest) and back home in her East Coast digs, Sara McNulty has always been equated with “Alice Through the Looking Glass” (in my mind’s eye, anyway), as you would see on her blog’s background wallpaper. But beyond that, her experiences well documented through her poetry, have made her an inspired poet to say the least.  Sara had held fort as the Co-Host of POETIC BLOOMINGS when life had forced its will on Marie Elena, and quite a partner she had been. She honors our pages with her works to this day, always supportive and gracious. Here in true form, Sara channels Lewis Carroll in her poem, “Into A Tale.”


I stepped inside the pages inked
in vibrant shades that seemed to wink.
A caterpillar sat and smoked;
he blew out words, but did not choke.
The March Hare asked me to decide,
did I want tea? I stepped inside.

Such strange creatures I ran into,
a cat that vanished right on cue.
A rabbit who was always late,
a queen whom you could not debate.
Back at home, I told my teacher
of those I’d met, such strange creatures.

(C) Copyright Sara McNulty

This poem was presented for the INFORM POET – WRAPPED REFRAIN


Sara McNulty’s works reside at her blog,


Read Marie Elena’s interview with Sara McNulty at


  1. “Always supportive and gracious,” indeed!

    I really like this poem, Sara, and don’t remember reading it before. I’m curious if it was in response to a prompt somewhere, or just came to mind.

    Those initial two lines beg the reading, like the opening of a book. EXCELLENT!

  2. I can’t recall a time when I have posted something and Sara did not have something nice (and authentic) to say. Her own words are equally nice, authentic and personal, so often from th3 heart, a joy for me to read.

  3. Huge thank you to everyone for their lovely comments and encouragement.
    Thanks especially to Walt and Marie for their constant, tireless work on this blooming garden. Takes many gardeners to generate blooms.

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