Smile through trouble and grow though constant effort!

Through our lives we learn what we do best. And we also come to know what drags us down: our strengths and weaknesses. We can choose to breeze through the good times; we might struggle through the not-so-good times. But we find it is always better to deal from a position of strength. Give it your best shot, with your best shot. Be it physical, spiritual or mental, use your strength as motivation and pen your poem!


“The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him —  my father’s God, and I will exalt him!”  (Exodus 15:2)

My Strength and My Song

When weakness takes me to my knees,
My Father’s arms will lift me.
When terror causes me to freeze,
His truths set all my fears free.

My Father’s Son became my Lord
When I was just a child.
To Trinity’s melodious chord,
My soul was reconciled.

I feel His might.  I hear His voice –
Astounding grace extended
From One whose love compelled His choice:
From Heav’n above, descended.

He is my strength.  He is my song.
I hear His vict’ry ringing!
He’s held my heart my whole life long –
How can I keep from singing?

© Marie Elena Good, 2019

Cadence and final line are both from the Christian hymn “My Life Flows On,” often attributed to Robert Lowry (1826-1899)



Meeting adversity well is the source of your strength.
for the person on the top of the mountain did not fall there.
People do not fail… they give up trying.
Trust that your skill will accomplish what the force of many cannot.
One who climbs a ladder must begin at the first step.
You see, the race is not always to the swift,
but to those who keep on running.
Every today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday
So, do not worry. You will have great peace. Remember,
when fire and water go to war, water always wins.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019


43 thoughts on “PROMPT #232 – MOTIVATION: STRENGTH

  1. “Meeting adversity well is the source of your strength.
    for the person on the top of the mountain did not fall there.”

    “when fire and water go to war, water always wins.”

    Oh, Walt … Walt … the wisdom and wording and revelation and poetic flow of this piece … WOW …

  2. Glad for this prompt! I’ve been struggling with a villanette on the opposites of strength and weakness (back on opposites day) so now I can work on it some more and present it here. Marie, I’m singing along with you, and Walt, I feel like I’m listening to a wise mentor whose words I will cherish.


    As I sit here, atop a stone bench
    near the garbage dump’s wastewater trench,
    I say prayers for my cold
    to keep nostrils on hold
    and the strength to withstand the great stench.

  4. I would say it takes strength, as well as dedication and a sheer love of words and music, to maintain this garden. Thanks, Marie and Walt.

  5. Faith

    I have an old,
    old man’s body,
    but I know,
    know this:
    there’s a happy,
    happy child, deep,
    deep in my heart.
    Now you might say how,
    how can I be so,
    so sure, when I can’t,
    can’t see it,
    not even with the best,
    best mirror.
    Well, I might just answer
    that I know,
    know this in the same,
    same way I know
    there’s an Uncaused
    That’s all.

  6. And strength can also slipside into flaw
    The balance act I can’t do on my own
    I’m only strong when I in God abound

    Somehow, my weakness holds God’s strength up high
    Exchange allows me to remain upright
    When all the fight has left me I’ve no might
    I make His strength complete, my battle cry

    Therefore I shall embrace pain and fatigue
    I boast of my afflictions all the more
    My life, a showcase that displays God’s work
    My victory is certain in God’s league

    My weakness becomes strength when turned around
    I welcome the miraculous refrain
    I’m only strong when I in God abound

    Darlene Franklin

  7. Sing along, everyone. I’ll bet the tune rushes into your brain in the first verse.

    Let it Be, Dear Lord

    “I am weak but Thou art strong”
    Go the words of an old song
    “Jesus, keep me from all wrong”
    For in Thy spirit I belong
    “I’ll be satisfied as long”
    No other cares so much for me
    “As I walk, let me walk, close to Thee”

    “Through this world of toil and snares”
    Set to catch the unaware
    “If I falter, Lord, who cares?”
    At times we feel that no one cares
    “Who with me my burden shares?”
    Share the pains of life with me
    “None but Thee, dear Lord, none but Thee”

    “When my feeble life is o’er”
    And You close that final door
    “Time for me will be no more”
    Earthly vessel nevermore
    “Guide me gently, safely o’er”
    I’ll be with Thee forevermore
    “To Thy kingdom shore, to Thy shore”

    “Just a closer walk with Thee”
    Get to see You, finally
    “Grant it, Jesus, is my plea”
    You’re the greatest love to me
    “Daily walking close to Thee”
    Always through eternity
    “Let it be, dear Lord, let it be”

    • And speaking of inspiring. Great job of using “famous” lines, and expounding poetically on them. I need to go back and read this again, just to glean more from it.

  8. Strength in a Free Verse

    This poem tried flexing its muscles
    Tried strong-arming words
    Into submission
    They wouldn’t line-up
    By metered feet, so
    This poem threw in the towel
    Gave the words free verse
    And one by one they formed
    Themselves into a poem of peace

  9. After The Fact

    I never see myself as strong
    until a stressful event has passed,
    demanding decisions, right or wrong.
    Born under sign of Aries, a laugh.

    When my life is feeling settled,
    I rerun occurrences in my head.
    Moves, deaths, traumas–prove my mettle.
    Why can’t I feel strong, while in midst I tread.

  10. Timex

    I take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.
    Some people say I’m like a Timex watch,
    Or like a punching bag that pops back up.
    I plow ahead, even if I’m stricken.

    Even though, I may be a tad chicken.
    I trust God to see me through thunder storms.
    The Lord knows what’s coming around the bend.
    Makes me brave, sets my resolve to quicken.

    Challenge is when motivation kicks in.
    I put one foot in front of another.
    Bit by bit, I advance, like an inchworm.
    Yes, I have a hide that tends to thicken.

    I take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.
    With God’s help and strength, I do not give up.
    I plow ahead, even if I’m stricken.


    La fuerza, the vigor of life, rests deep

    within cortices of bone.  In God we trust!

    United we stand! 206 of them–

    Yet they never work alone.

    One spins and rolls, others slide n’ glide

    stabilizing while others move.  Synergistic music

    in harmony, as concave and convex beams groove.

    There is no strength in solitude; In sturdy, compact

    individual bone, when we’re made to fit–articulate, bear

    weight, in a poetic skeletal home.

    Benjamin Thomas

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