This next segment of the Reading Room will feature past poems (selected randomly) from our contributing poets at Poetic Bloomings and all of its subsidiary sites. In true garden style, we had started with a seed to spur our growth as poets. Back in May of 2011 Marie Elena and I embarked on this journey to provide a place for poets to propagate their poems. We’ve come far in nearly eight years of service. In that span, we had ventured into different re-incarnations of this site, going from POETIC BLOOMINGS, to CREATIVE BLOOMING. From PHOENIX RISING POETRY GUILD to POEMS OF GARDEN GNOMES. But Marie and I have proven, you can go home again. We had come to agree that it was time to kick start the original site in (most of) its glory.

So for this piece to ponder in the Reading Room, I offer Marie Elena’s first attempt for our very first Sunday prompt at POETIC BLOOMINGS – “It Starts With a Seed – Prompt #1”. Her poem is entitled: OF DANDELIONS AND MANICURES


One edges, tidies, snips, and trims,
Who knows nothing of dreams and whims.

One scatters dandelion seeds,
Who understands a daydream’s needs.



Again, I ask all contributors to confirm our permission to re-post your poem. A simple “yes” or “no” response in the comments here will suffice. As always, you retain all rights to your works. We only serve to help promote it. A link to your current blog/website would also be appreciated. Thanks, Walt.



  1. A Room for Bloomers is a FANTASTIC idea. Well, that just doesn’t sound right, don’t you know? Bloomers belong in drawers.

    Nevertheless, I love this idea and you definitely have my permission to use anything I’ve posted here or on either of my two blog sites (listed under Daisy Chains).

  2. My website is that has several but not all of my poems. If you want to see poems that haven’t appeared on PB you could check out Connie’s and my fb page poem away group, although we’d probably have to add you to the group

  3. Thanks all for your encouragement and support. You see, Marie and I need that as well. I will compile a list of you who have granted us the privilege of re-posting your excellent works. I want to make sure we don’t miss anyone.

  4. Great idea! But for me, NO. I am too new to poetry to have it put on display, basically clueless. Posting in the comments takes all courage that I have. I am too inexperienced to have any words of encouragement for the true poets, even though I always enjoy reading everyone’s contributions!!

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