Sometimes we’re full of fire. And every once in a while, we’re just not in the mood for something. (Or we are!) Things don’t seem right. (Or they do!)You don’t feel like yourself. (Or you’ve never felt better) Go on that track and write your mood or your anti-mood poem. Things will get better. (Maybe) But for now use this space to release your angst. Get in the mood.



When the weather’s nice and sunny
but your nose is kind of runny
and you’re feeling rather funny
that’s a bummer.
Then your honey calls a plumber
for your runny nose in summer
but you’re simply in no mood
and so you sit there and you brood
and then you get into a tiff.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019



Am I blue?
It may be true.
In my view
I eschew what I choose,
a coup on my resolve.
I could solve new problems
(I’m well over due)
But, there are few
who do that voodoo
that you do.
When I’m down, my hue
is something I rue.
It may be true.
I might be blue.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019


97 thoughts on “PROMPT #229 – IN THE MOOD (NOT YOURSELF)


    Purple-Yellow Iris GCS

    Sometimes I feel all blue
    sad sorry blue
    all down in minor key
    a Rhapsody in Blue.

    when blue begins to play
    its melody in me, sometimes
    the minor turns to major key –

    Blue bursts into purple and,
    leaping into joy,
    a burst of sun-burst yellow
    pushes the blues away

    And I feel all clean
    all wet all whole up
    like a Purple-Yellow Rhapsody,
    an Ode to Purple-Yellow Joy.

    ©Gordon C. Stewart


    I lay forlorn in my
    lonely bed, a lump of
    lost virility
    old and worn
    shrunk and torn
    alone and dark
    on the starless night

    When to my bleary
    eyes a gift was laid
    along my side
    and I arose
    young and whole
    tall and born again
    in a star-lit night!

  3. Lingering Christmas Mood

    Though Christmas happened
    Nearly two weeks ago
    I’m still in the mood.

    I spent Christmas in Arizona
    In sixty degree plus weather
    Where my kids don’t decorate.

    Oh, we had the turkey dinner
    And opened gifts
    And enjoyed being with family.

    But now I’m back deep in snow,
    Christmas decorations are still up,
    Most cards still at the Post Office.

    Come Monday, I’ll get the cards
    Hang them up with the rest
    Play some Christmas carols.

    Sit in my comfy recliner,
    Drink hot chocolate with mint
    Gaze at ornaments from everywhere.

    Remember the good times
    Past Christmases and travels.
    And maybe I’ll get in the mood

    To put Christmas stuff away
    Stacked in boxes in the garage
    And get on with the new year.

  4. Darlene Franklin is having computer problems. Here is her poem.

    Waiting Room Blues

    ER on a snowy day
    Small sick baby’s feeble cry
    Children race by silently
    Wheelchair bound I wait

    Small sick baby’s feeble cry
    Keep safe from dangerous cold
    Their hold on life precarious

    Children race by silently
    Bored, polite–irritating
    They can escape but I can’t move

    Wheelchair-bound I wait
    Last and the longest of the day
    My heart checks out. Goodbye.

  5. I can’t tell you how many time this kind of conversation has happened in our house. And I’m sure this will relate to others out there.

    The Hunger Word Game

    Wife: I’m hungry

    Husband: Everything frozen.
    Wanna’ go out to eat?

    Wife: Sure. You pick.

    Husband: Hmmm. Let me see.
    I’m in the mood for Italian.

    Wife: We had that two days ago.

    Husband: Mexican is good and fast.

    Wife: I won’t be able to sleep.

    Husband: There’s that new Chinese buffet.

    Wife: We always eat too much at buffets.

    Husband: How about that seafood place.

    Wife: Not in the mood for fried tonight.

    Husband: I can go through a drive-through.

    Wife: But I want to sit down and eat.

    Husband: How about Cracker Barrel?
    I’m sure they have new stuff in the store.

    Wife: I always spend too much there.

    Husband: There’s that place on Main Street.

    Wife: But I’ll have to get dressed up.

    Husband: Pizza delivery?

    Wife: They take too long. I’m hungry now.

    Husband: How about I make breakfast.

    Wife: Hmmm. That sounds yummy.
    And I can stay in my pajamas.
    You do love me.

    Husband: Yes, I do.

  6. Winter Blues

    Winter’s just started and I’m feelin’ her blues;
    Snow’s getting’ deeper, than my four-buckle shoes.
    I found Frosty in the freezer, just to warm up;
    With a crack in his nose and ice in his cup.

    I was fit as a fiddle, when Summer met Fall;
    But now my belly’s fillin’ and startin’ to ball.
    My bones start barkin’ like a dog at the moon;
    When the mercury rises, to zero at noon.

    Each mornin’ greets me, with a fresh batch of snow;
    And it’ been a few weeks, since we saw the sun’s glow.
    I guess I should be happy, for something to do;
    To burn off some cushion, in that fat belly stew.

    Best quit my grumpin’, though the mood fits me best;
    And pull up my boots and slip on my vest.
    The Good Lord’s a fixin’ and plannin’ to bring;
    A grand new outlook, when He gives us the Spring.

    Till then I’ll ponder, on our Creator’s best;
    Wile I fix my eyes, to the East and the West.
    Where the mountains and peaks, give a glorious view;
    When the sun lights them up, in their heavenly hue.

    I best be thankful for what I have and not lost;
    Quit snivelin’ about things, and the price they cost,
    Be mindful the love that surrounds me each day;
    And give thanks to the Lord as I kneel to pray.

  7. Why I Write

    It’s probably unwise,
    at least for me,
    to live too much
    amongst the trees
    of the past,
    especially mired in
    swampy regret,
    or pining for
    a simpler time.
    Still, there’s at least
    as much pleasure
    as sadness there,
    in memories of happy places,
    in reflections which can still
    set my soul aquiver with
    hope and purpose.
    It need not be all
    tear-jerking schmaltz,
    limb-breaking angst,
    riddled with wistful yearning.
    There’s equal opportunity
    for minor mood elevation,
    or for metaphysical meaning,
    in the moments of
    Been There Then
    Be Here Now.
    But, mostly I write to find out
    what I’m thinking today,
    to take my temperature,
    to check my mood,
    always to tell the truth,
    which does indeed set me free,
    but not until
    it sometimes annoys me.
    And so it goes.

  8. Indigo Invaders

    Indigo invades my veins
    these days–the ones
    I do not know
    if I am capable
    of getting through

    to a lighter shade.
    I long for rosy
    hues of days end
    or perhaps just the end
    of day.

    With night comes might,
    imagination awakens,
    and there is a stillness
    pervading, decluttering
    my mind. Twisted wires

    straighten–smooth, and
    shiny. I can walk through
    their neat rows, and end up
    on roads never taken, colored
    paths of my own creation.

  9. Zero to Hero

    I cannot do this thing you want
    I’ve not the skills or tools or time
    But if I don’t it won’t get done
    I guess I’ll try; it should be fun

    I’ve found some guidance here online
    It doesn’t look that difficult
    But just in case, I’ll print it out
    So I can read in case there’s doubt

    Well, lookie there, I’ve all the tools
    I’ve even got the other stuff
    This isn’t hard; in fact it’s fun
    I’ll be the hero when it’s all done

  10. Feeling A Little Bluish

    I think blue gets a bad rap
    In the mood department –
    Feeling blue
    Singing the blues
    “Blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas”

    Really – blue is a happy place
    A calm and peaceful place
    The color of the sky on a clear day
    Periwinkles and Robin eggs
    The sigh of a still, glassy lake

    The twinkle in your eyes


    I’m in no mood
    to sit and brood
    because my snood
    is to be rued
    owing to food
    that left it stained
    and left me pained
    and thus detained;
    my angst then gained
    because it rained,
    but, hey, I thought,
    I really ought
    to clear my head
    and doff instead
    my Pap’s old red
    Cincinnati cap
    and stand and clap
    like rising sap
    to celebrate
    the hinge of fate
    that brought the great
    November date
    when dreams came true:
    it brought me you.

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