We come upon the end of another year. The celebratory nature of New Years Eve (Hogmanay, thanks to Poet McIllwain; the last day of the year in Scotland) has us reveling in the festivities. We reminisce the past twelve months, our achievements, our additions and our losses. And the promise of the next new thing. We all hope to survive the next round on the calendar.

And we toast the day (be it champagne, or sparkling grape juice). We may set specific resolutions, but truly just wish to be better people than we had been. (Although one can attest when you’re Good, you’re good!)

So today write a “toast” poem. Put your heart into it (as always) and make it words we can all take to heart.

Happy New Year to you all, and here’s to 2019!


You are who I toast.
Not to butter you up, but
just to spread the joy.  😉

© Marie Elena Good, 2018

(And speaking of buttering up, thanks Walt!  😀 )



Raise your glass
and toast this day.
Hale and hearty
may you stay.

Wishes for a happy year,
full of love
and joy
and cheer.

May your pockets
hold great treasure,
may your goodness
match its measure.

And I wish your dreams
will all come true,
I share my love,
here’s to you!

© Walter J Wojtanik, 2018

46 thoughts on “PROMPT #228 – TOASTED

  1. We toast the hardy blooms that brave the snow
    As if her slumber brings new dreams to life
    Warmed and nourished by the holiday glow

    Our mentors scatter forms and prompts like seed
    Tending the blooms with their personal touch
    Their kindly words sprinkled like rain add much
    A gentle guidance to help our poems succeed

    Their wisdom; write joyfully and often
    We plant and bask in each other’s arrays
    Warm feelings will not soon be forgotten

    When the day is done, our tribute we bring
    To the One who urges us to create
    Although our words can only imitate
    Our best, fragrant offerings to the King

    Darlene franklin

  2. A TOAST

    Let’s raise a glass to better days
    and greater possibilities,
    and let us aim to ever please
    the ones we love, and those whose ways
    don’t match up with our current phase,
    for life is short. Without surcease,
    let’s raise a glass

    to laughter, music, comic plays;
    to songbirds nesting in the trees;
    to cycling hope that never flees
    but always tries and ever prays.
    Let’s raise a glass.

  3. Marie and Walt, Thanks for your poems and for this site, which is a constant joy and deserves a toast of its own.

  4. Cheers

    Cheers to this year
    As it slowly fades
    Into a memory
    Scanning our very own
    “best of” moments
    reflecting that growth
    Comes from adversity too
    Turning our faces to
    Beginnings and a hopefulness
    That keeps us moving forward
    Tromping on the darkness
    That tries to follow
    Cheers to this year
    As it slowly fades
    Into a memory

  5. No Country for Old Dilettantes

    Here’s a toast
    to the simplest of
    poets and versifiers,
    bards and minstrels,
    (not laureates, by god, except
    those named Bill or Walt).
    Let’s not forget their muses,
    their sources, the seeds of
    their great works.
    All the alliterative assonance,
    allegory and anapest has been spilled,
    the tables littered with similes, imagery,
    metaphor and points of view.
    But this is a place for everyday scribes,
    full of simple rhymes, and free verse,
    no villanelles, sestinas or sonnets
    belly up to this bar.
    (And don’t get me started on onomatopoeia).
    So drink up, my friends,
    tomorrow’s another day,
    another prompt soon on the way.
    For now we pack it in, slide into
    the denouement, scramble for a climax,
    say goodnight to meter and foot,
    it’s last call for 2018 at the
    Poetry Bar & Grill.

  6. I’m so thankful that PB has risen again. Here’s to the New Year and the continuation and growth of this fine group of poets. And many thanks to Walt and Marie for realizing that they are appreciated and needed, and so very talented. Write on, everyone. Write on.

    Lift My Glass

    As I lift my glass of non-alcohol champagne
    I toast my birthplace in cold Northern Maine
    Where my mother, brothers and sisters reside
    While I in Florida warmly hide
    For I deplore the cold and the snow

    Again I lift my glass to the past
    With Air Force memories that forever last
    For twenty some years I wore the blue
    In defense of freedom for me and for you
    And I’d do it again, don’t you know

    Still another toast to the one I love most
    The one made for me by our Heavenly Host
    The joy that she brings cannot be explained
    The love that we share will forever remain
    That is the way God meant it to be

    One final toast to the Truth and the Way
    For He is the Reason I breath every day
    And in the New Year, to Him I give all
    No more ignoring His obvious call
    For He has a perfect plan just for me

    © 2018 Earl Parsons

  7. All these marvelous heart felt toasts are making me bubbly grateful for this band of merry poets. I am in the throes of moving to a new chapter in our lives, (North Arkansas, have you) so my replies and responses may be scarce this week. But I read all poems, posts and comments with delight in my heart that virtual friendship has no fixed address.

  8. A blessing, a prayer, a New Year’s toast:
    May you learn to no longer be defined
    by names and chains that used to bind.
    May last year’s hurts and broken bits
    find comfort and healing as God permits,
    May you experience the peace and joy of the Savior
    through each moment, whether success or failure.
    May each step you take into God’s light
    grow deeper love, understanding and insight.
    May every day of this New Year be blessed
    with the love of family and friends in abundance.

  9. A Toast in the Garden

    Here’s to the poets in the garden
    Whose hearts are soft and will not harden
    May your words produce encouragement and strength
    And understanding to height, width and length
    Of all that is good and all that is true
    And the love He has for me and you
    And may He bless you abundantly and free
    As you have been a blessing to me.

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