We come upon the end of another year. The celebratory nature of New Years Eve (Hogmanay, thanks to Poet McIllwain; the last day of the year in Scotland) has us reveling in the festivities. We reminisce the past twelve months, our achievements, our additions and our losses. And the promise of the next new thing. We all hope to survive the next round on the calendar.

And we toast the day (be it champagne, or sparkling grape juice). We may set specific resolutions, but truly just wish to be better people than we had been. (Although one can attest when you’re Good, you’re good!)

So today write a “toast” poem. Put your heart into it (as always) and make it words we can all take to heart.

Happy New Year to you all, and here’s to 2019!


You are who I toast.
Not to butter you up, but
just to spread the joy.  😉

© Marie Elena Good, 2018

(And speaking of buttering up, thanks Walt!  😀 )



Raise your glass
and toast this day.
Hale and hearty
may you stay.

Wishes for a happy year,
full of love
and joy
and cheer.

May your pockets
hold great treasure,
may your goodness
match its measure.

And I wish your dreams
will all come true,
I share my love,
here’s to you!

© Walter J Wojtanik, 2018