They say it is better to give than to receive, and this is surely true. There’s no greater feeling than seeing the joy one can bring with a simple gift to another. No one would know better than the “Big Guy” himself. Many people ask me, “What’s in the bag, Santa?” Well, you’ll have to wait until Christmas to see.

This Santa is in a giving mood all the time, but even more so at this juncture of year. But, what about Santa?

Write a poem about a gift you would give to Santa if you could. Help fill his sack to take home and open with the Missus. (And I’m not talking about me, but the “real” Santa, remembering of course that we are ALL Santa Claus!)



As he flies through the sky at the blink of an eye (with that jolly guy wink), I can’t help but think – while our hearts are aglow, our thanks ranks too low.  So I’ve wrapped up my best – blessed, and addressed to “That Jolly Olde Soul at The North Pole,” including some kisses for Kris AND his missus (it’s apropos)  – sans mistletoe. 😉

© Marie Elena Good, 2018



“What do you want for Christmas?” the question came
every year from every Santa Claus and Mom and Pop.
You’d stop and think of all the wonderful things
imagined from sales ads and catalog pages.

Sometimes the gifts were outrageous,
it became contagious and we’d dream.
It would seem we’d never grow out of it.
and that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

But we did get older, and when the colder
Decembers came, who would blame us
if secretly we kept that joy to ourselves.
Then came this epiphany (as if any was needed).

If I had a chance to return the favor,
a moment to savor the warmth of giving
that for as long as I’ve been living has burned,
I’ve learned it felt so much better to give it.

So I wonder, “What do you want for Christmas, Santa?”
If you could so receive it, I believe it would thrill you
to know you were not forgotten. You would top
your own list if humility would allow it just once.

You have access to all the toys and games,
and the names of the good girls and boys,
but your choice of gifts would be kept hidden
as if you’d be forbidden to reveal it.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward all, would surely fall
within your thinking, but without blinking, what would it be?
If I could be that Santa Claus (as I see myself),
there would be nothing on my shelf that would fit your benevolence.

The prevalence of the good you do lasts the year through.
But, maybe if we take that pause and think, it would sink in.
If we could all be Santa Claus’ for even one day, I’d say
it would give a rest to the merry gentleman you are.

If everyone went around with Christmas in their hearts
and on their lips (without being boiled in their own pudding),
you’d be doing flips. A gift for you would be knowing
we are growing with love for the season, and the reason of One’s birth.
And then maybe you’d get your peace on earth.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2018