For Thanksgiving, we served up a word cloud for you to use in your poetry. So it is only fair that Christmas takes center stage, a mere nine days away. There are two sets of words provided. A set to satisfy a secular look at Christmas (Santa – Red) and a more dedicated reason for the season (the birth of Christ – Green). Choose one or the other OR mix them up a bit. Use the words as you see fit. Christmas does not show in the cloud but was in the list – it wouldn’t fit the shape.

Created with Word Art cloud maker.

WORDS USED: Santa, North Pole, elves, reindeer, sleigh, toys, snow, wrapping, workshop, gifts, children, list, night, naughty, nice, Christ Child, manger, Bethlehem, mule, Magi, shepherds, angels, camel, Savior, reason, season, star, gold and Christmas (does not show in the cloud but was in the list – it couldn’t fit the shape).



In Bethlehem, did silent snow
fall soft upon a crèche,
that holy night when star aglow
announced God in the Flesh?

Although the chances may be slim
snow graced the Christ child’s birth,
it oft adorns Yule’s art and hymn,
as we fête Peace on Earth.

Perhaps it speaks of Spotless Lamb,
on silent, holy night —
Redeeming Gift of Great I Am,
reflecting Love’s Pure Light.

And though I may project snow dreams
on this most sacred eve,
I honor Babe whose love-light beams –
this One whom I believe.

© Marie Elena Good, 2018




I stand in the clearing and I am hearing a sound most celestial. Not anything extra-terrestrial, but a haunting song of angelic origin. Up here where the snow covers the ground, I’ve found that the reindeer pull my sleigh easier because of it. But, I do not deny the cause of it, this need to celebrate. It is the birth of One in a lowly manger in the town of Bethlehem. The Christ Child is the reason for this season.

This Christmas, as always with every Christmas I’ve seen, provides this patch of green amid the drifted snow. For in the light of that first star I am given a wonderful gift. There is no list to ponder, for the wonder of this moment lingers and I clench my fingers and kneel. Here in the North Pole, my soul is healed as the Baby Savior is revealed to me. I see Him and feel Him in my heart. Before I start my journey, I yearn for all mankind to feel this peace. It is nice to take this blessed pause. I am a humbled Santa Claus.

The first gift is love.
Given to all who believe
Each Christmas. Always.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2018