Build a better mouse trap, they said. Think outside of the box, they said. There has to be a better way to…

We’ve heard it all before. Someone always comes up with a new way to see an old stand-by. Most times it’s an improvement. Sometimes the disaster that results puts you back into the middle ages.

Re-inventing the wheel … there’s another saying that applies here. So let’s do that. Take an object and give it new life as something else. We all have a drawer full of butter knife screwdrivers, for example. And don’t limit yourself to inanimate objects. There’s a whole great big world out there. Explore its possibilities. Have some fun, and re-invent the wheel.



Toast in the toaster
Ham in the roaster
Hot tea or coffee
Cinnamon toffee
Soup in the stockpot
Ribs in the crockpot
Cheesy potatoes
Fresh-canned tomatoes
Bread in the oven …

Smellin’ the lovin’?

Foods meant for eating,
Scents for love’s greeting.

© Marie Elena Good, 2018




Security comes in all shapes,
and the size may matter, but
the latter doesn’t make it safer.
Losing the key is a disaster,
and the faster you come to a solution,
the quicker you’re in. Begin
with a twenty ounce hammer,
and slam her until the latch breaks.
That’s all it takes to unlock it.
(But make like a rocket to get a new one!)

(C) Walter J Wojtanik – 2018


**COMMENT: “Foods meant for eating, Scents for love’s greeting.”

Wonderfully re-purposed, Marie!


114 thoughts on “PROMPT #225 – RE-INVENTING THE WHEEL

  1. “But make like a rocket to get a new one”

    Teeheehee! No doubt! And do I hear the voice of experience, here? Yikes! 😀

    Thanks for the comment, Pard. Had a hard time thinking outside the box. 😉

  2. The Word for Now

    A coffee cup to prop up my cell phone,
    A fork to floss a gap in my front teeth.
    A twisted napkin corner cleans my ears,
    A furry dog, my footstep down beneath,
    beside the box on which my breakfast sat.

    Were packed up, moving north in just a week.
    I’ve no idea where anything is at.
    It matters not what you might want to seek,
    Just learn, instead, to use this thing for that.
    We will survive, creatively, somehow.
    Repurposed seems to be the word for now.

    © Damon Dean, 2018

  3. Walt, you’ve repurposed/reworded an old thought into … “desperation is the mother of repurpose”.
    Marie, your last lines nailed it. I so want to be in my new kitchen to cook up some love for my family this holiday!

  4. The Things We Need the Least

    Not hidden, available
    for all to see,
    the things we need the least,
    confront us, visibly.

    Drought in Ethiopia, obviously
    Famine in Uganda, unnecessarily.
    Genocide in Tibet, historically.
    Disease in Haiti, rampantly.
    Fratricide in Syria, devastatingly.
    Now the Carolina’s, too equally, sadly.

    Not hidden, available
    for all to see,
    the things we need the least,
    confront us, visibly.

    A London wedding or two, regally.
    $434,000 gowns, superfluously,
    $80,000 cakes, unnecessarily,
    Rolls Royce rides to town, silly me,
    $1,000,000 rings, ridiculously,
    $50,000,000 in hotel bills, inn-cidentally,
    $6,000 suites, stupidly.
    and $500,000 flowers, wastefully.

    Not hidden, available
    for all to see,
    the things we need the least,
    confront us, visibly.

    Are you kidding me?

  5. Things seen are sometimes not
    as they seem on the surface.
    Look deep inside.


  6. On The Surface

    On the surface
    Rough and rugged
    Three squared holes
    Crimson stained with
    The scent of death

    On the surface
    Dismal defeat
    The end of life
    The end of hope

    On the surface
    Nothing good
    Only grief

    On the surface
    All is lost

    Look beyond the surface
    Change your point of view
    He was not defeated
    His death gave life renewed

    © 2018 Earl Parsons

  7. Jealous men sold their brother as a slave
    Virtuous for not killing him outright
    But the tale told nearly squashed their fa ther
    Grief filling him, he clutched the youngest close
    And Joseph’s travails multiplied in prison
    Their evil deed seemed without redemption
    When pressed, his thoughts sailed to God who knows all
    His need for Pharaoh’s help soon forgotten
    But God took what was meant for evil and
    Repurposed it for something good, saving
    Not only Israel, but all of Egypt
    What I mistook for harm, God meant to bless
    My alarms, He complements, a new wheel
    To spread His bounty to a world in need

    Darlene Franklin

  8. Reinvented Inappropriately

    I thought I was having a coronary
    When I came round the corner to see
    She was using my favorite putter
    To knock dead branched off of a tree
    I can’t blame her for her ingenuity
    ‘Cause the putter worked well for the chore
    But after I got over the shock of it all
    I hid the putter where she’d find it no more

  9. Not sure this is the perfect fit for the promt, but it is what came out:


    I am sure that in our past there was a reason we had hair,
    but now that we wear clothing there’s no reason for it there.
    Our mane, eyebrows and lashes may add to our allure,
    but what the rest of it is for I’ve never been quite sure.

    It would be nice if all that hair would meet with wide approval,
    but instead its mostly shunned, requiring its removal.
    I shave, I wax, I epilate, I’ve even used the lotion.
    I heard about the laser thing, a rather space-aged notion.

    No matter what, the hair returns. It seems it might be thicker!
    So once again I take it off. It comes back even quicker.
    A losing battle I must fight to keep myself hair free.
    I wonder what I do it for since no one sees but me!

    I know that there is little chance that I can win this fight.
    No matter what I try to do, it doesn’t come out right.
    I think I need assistance or maybe leniency.
    I’m not quite sure anyone at all cares except me.

    I hassle endlessly with these follicles all right.
    I take it off by day and it grows twice as fast by night.
    It should be a quick defeat but U can’t seem to get traction.
    As soon as one hair pops up, it become a chain reaction.

    Have I lost perspective? Is there reason for concern?
    Are there any books out there with secrets I can learn?
    Perhaps the hair conundrum is not really one to worry.
    The truth I that cute animals are always soft and furry.


    This tire,
    now off the wheel.
    is bald, cracked, and beadless,
    but it makes for a wonderful
    kids’ swing.

  11. Walt, your poem reminds me of Jack Benny, who spent a lifetime without understanding the principle of the hammer.

  12. Repurposed with Purpose

    She uses the words she writes
    to repurpose her pain,
    to fashion what was stolen
    into ground she’s regained.
    Once kept in the locked box
    of her heart lurked tears and shame.
    Now innocence, love, hope, and joy
    she reclaims – along with a new name.
    ‘Cause she’s been repurposed by Christ
    to be His beloved, holy,
    righteous, without blame.

    And what about you?
    Have you been repurposed, too?

  13. Versatility

    V ersatility describes my giant aluminum bowl.
    E ven though, at first, I thought it an odd gift. I
    R easoned that it would take up too much room in my
    S mall trailer, but I found a place for it under our bed.
    A nd soon it was put to good use as a punch bowl,
    T he time Hubby and I put on a benefit concert.
    I n time, we had a baby that used it for a bathtub.
    L ater, as she grew we pulled her around in
    I t as a sled on the deep snow on our property.
    T oday I use it as it was designed for—food. At times,
    Y ou don’t know what you want until you have it.

  14. Forgive me for not commenting more – I have trouble commenting at the right spot and so forth. I will try again later, but I can’t say how much this garden.

  15. For A Night

    You drift, lengthen, float
    the skies, become fanciful
    animals or monsters. Head
    down here for spell. Let us
    see if you are soft as you
    appear. I would borrow
    you for a pillow, sigh as
    you billow and soothe me
    to sleep. Can you be
    my Cloud Nine?

  16. Chew Toy

    My shoe is her chew toy
    And I don’t know what to do.
    Should I correct her now
    that the damage is done?
    Or should I let it go,
    try not to let her know
    her teeth have won?
    Maybe I should just give her
    the other shoe to chew?

    What if she enjoys all my shoes
    before her teething’s through?

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