We’ve reached the end of our exercise. We’ve explored sights and smells and flavors of fall. The colors will soon fade. And we’ll be presented with definitive chill in the air. As we bask in the glow of completing this challenge, let us not forget this one last item to stoke our poetic fires. We will dress for the occasion and the upcoming glimpses of the winter ahead. Today we’ll close on the notion of clothes; Fall attire that will serve us well. Take your jacket and pack it back up until spring. We all know a sweater is better in such cases. Our faces will feel the cold and our hands will stiffen in its insistence. Choose an item of fall clothing and wrap yourself in it. We’ll huddle close to share its warmth and that of the wonderful chapbooks you will deliver.

And we should all be well prepared for the rigors of whatever writing challenge we’ll undertake in November, be it the Poetic Asides P.A.D. Chapbook Challenge that Robert Lee Brewer will offer, the annual NaNoWriMo which is very popular or any other challenge you may encounter. Write well, choose your best words and we’ll read them with enthusiasm and admiration.



What I wear in fall:
jeans, boots, sweaters, and mittens
and grins, ear-to-ear.

© Marie Elena Good, 2018




Mere days away,
a coronation is planned
for autumn’s shortened reign.

The temperatures decline
finding their descent hell-bent
on a rapid departure to parts unknown.

The trees have grown fragile;
the color barrage itching to begin
and within her palette the earth is apparent

an inherent nod to the warmth
sought, but not always embraced,
and faced with the scent of must and moth-balls.

And in the sky, standing tall
the harbinger of winter woes (so it goes
around Buffalo) dark and moody, looming

upon the horizon, rising skyward.
Storms  brewing, or memories
of days of storm-filled pasts recalled,

all seeded in the clouds for near future
reference. Your preference
is a temperate fall ending in spring.

But, here’s the thing:
the winds find their thrill in the chill
they provide. An equinox out of the box

stirring dreads of a White Christmas
long before the sleep of the solstice beckons.
Cumulonimbus is your reminder.

Better hasten to find your coat, scarf and gloves
before the snows reign from above.
Ominous and threatening; keep your guard up.

© Walter J Wojtanik, 2018