This prompt sort of plays in with our first two prompts. A fire can combat the cold and could supply the smells of which we wrote. But what about fire? Write a beneficial or detrimental aspect of fire. It might be a forest fire, a bonfire, a fire in the hearth, even a fire in the hole if it fits within the parameters of our challenge. It’s good to ignite our collective muse and choose to let our words blaze.


Autumn Awakens (sonnet for my favorite season)

Its very shadows fall uniquely fall
And that begins the season, in my eyes.
Trees flame with reds, or yellow fireballs
As autumn’s colors blaze against blue skies.

It sets my heart alight, and makes me smile.
Its cool air feels delightful to breathe in.
Its mood ignites a passion in my soul.
It is my chosen season – long has been.

Trees captivate me as their colors spill,
Like kindling for reflections long-since gone –
The merriment my child-heart treasures, still.
So much to love … excuse my rambling on …

But passion for Ohio’s autumn days
Will burn in me forever and always.

© Marie Elena Good, 2018




The ember glows, left to smolder,
the smell of burning leaves fills him,
fending the colder temperatures off
and setting off a blaze of uncontrollable
ferocity. The seeds of love become a blaze
just as volatile. From the first smiled hello
until you are both consumed by its pyre,
love is a fire. It is consuming yet not
destructive, it is instructive and nurturing.
Love will penetrate you and warm your
insides until you are ablaze with her.
You can be sure if you play with fire,
you’re going to get burned.
And fires eventually lose their glow,
from blaze to simmer to smolder and die.
And so someday will you and I.
But, we’ll keep our fire burning until then.

© Walter J Wojtanik, 2018