Today we re-visit the Elegy. An elegy is a song or poem of sorrow or mourning–often for someone who has died. But, since poets exercise our license, we can also write elegies for the ends of things: a life, a love affair, a great year or era, a sports season, camping trip, conversations, etc. In one of his songs, Paul McCartney wrote of “The End of the End”.

This “form” is more about content, since there is no specific pattern, scheme or meter. So write an Elegy to no end and give tribute or a proper send off.


EVENING IS A SHROUD,   by Walter J Wojtanik

Darkness covers all,
cloaking everything enveloped in her sad embrace.
Her face is hidden, masked and concealed,
not to be revealed in the muted moonlight.
Even stars bright lose their luster, remaining
only a cluster of distant orbs. Evening absorbs
and devours, leaving a pall over the crowd.
Evening is a shroud.