If poet friends tell me anything, it is how much they miss POETIC BLOOMINGS. It has not been quite the same in all its regenerations. That’s because something important was missing. Correction: SOMEONE important. Well, that’s been rectified. SHE’S BAAAAACK! Starting Sunday, August 5th, 2018, MARIE ELENA GOOD reunites with Walter J. Wojtanik to revive an old, but friendly place to poem. POETIC BLOOMINGS will pick up where it left off and we will reseed this plot of fertile ground to return to posing our poetic pieces. 

Marie and I are simplifying our approach. We will drop the SUNDAY SEED (our prompt) every Sunday. There will be interviews when the spirit moves us and the INFORM POET will be incorporated into a prompt every now and then. So please consider returning to “The Garden,” The Best Garden for Verse, and allow Marie and Walt to host you in this journey. We’d be honored as always.



She did not come to my doorstep,
there was no notification that she was lacking.
All I knew was that we had performed together
admirably, and we knew we could do it again.
I never met her, this friend,
but I always knew in the end we’d still be a great pair.

Here she was, sweet as a ripe pear,
encouraging and nurturing, a light step
and a sledgehammer heart. A friend
indeed when a friend was lacking.
“I miss the process. Can we try it again?”
she messaged asking if we could still work together.

It surely didn’t take much for me to get her
enthused, for we DID make a great pair.
I have no qualms of firing those synapses again.
A garden themed poetic place where we step
in tune with other like minds, not lacking
the ability to find the words to pose. Widespread friends

who, when the day ends
feel better for the time together.
No heart leaves lacking;
a community beyond compare.
And from that very first step
it felt good to walk the garden again.

What did we think we’d gain
by bringing all these friends
to tread here in lockstep?
It becomes a reunion, coming to gather,
to be inspired, to cajole and share.
But mostly because we also needed the backing

of those who both of our lives were lacking.
So here we are again,
Marie and Walt, a somewhat storied pair,
very acquainted friends
who’ve never spent time together,
reveling in every calculated step.

Reconnecting has put the pep in our step that was lacking,
poetic pals together again,
with all our worldly and wordy friends beyond compare!

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2018

Written in honor of this re-commitment as prompted by Miz Quickly’s (AKA BYY) MuhwufSS site.

Repeat and vary, part 3: The Sestina


  1. Marie and I join you in those sentiments. It was a long time coming. The moment Marie mentioned her desire to restart this page this afternoon, the resulting decision was immediate. Old School gardening the POETIC BLOOMINGS way!

  2. As usual, I have good intentions to participate!(looking after lots of kiddos these days) either way, happy you two are back! always a lovely garden to stroll through!

      • the words I have been given are serendipity, Ecastic, Joyous, Grace, gratitude, generosity, Compassion, Whisper, Laurel, thunder, future in dreams, love, joy, peace, Compassion, Indecisive, impulsive, fear, storm, fireflies, lightning bugs, riparian, lagniappe, self-made, fickle, vicissitude, makebate, flexitarian,ennui, reverie, twitterpated, savant, umani, sprite, Sardis, calico pennant dragonfly, Petrichor, cats, moonbeams, empathy, death, twilight, delight, uncommon, boiled peanuts, okra and liver puddin’ and I gave myself parched peanuts, hissy fit, conniption, catawampus, calamity, and lost . I have got many of them written a few I used together with other words on the list… I have very generous friends.

  3. Thanks for taking this on again…haven’t been spending much time with my poetic pen (or keyboard)…so we’ll see if there are any creative juices to be conjured up. Thanks, guys!

  4. The Bloomers are Back On

    When the great announcement came about, it was a most pleasant surprise
    It would seem that the recently dormant Bloomers would once again arise
    After years of struggling and changing, followed by a brief hiatus
    It appears that Walt and Marie E. Good got tired of hearing us fuss
    Though they both had excuses with sorrowful health and family issues
    We followed them through their trials, with thoughts and prayers and tissues
    Now it seems that the old adage, if you love something, let it go…
    If it truly loves you back, it will return, and that love will grow
    Well, the love of poetry overcame the sorrows, struggles and strife
    And Walt and Marie and the rest of us are determined to give it new life
    So the blooms are back on the poetic rose with enthusiasm in season
    Now the rhymes and prose in whatever forms will flow for whatever reason
    I know for me the excitement is undeniably overwhelming
    I’m already ready for whatever the challenge; and the poem I will be sending
    So fellow Bloomers, it’s time to unite to celebrate the resurrection
    Of Poetic Bloomings, the flagship of fun, creativity, and poetic perfection

    Thanks, Walt and Marie.
    May the poetic force be with you.


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