From the time we are children we’ve associated the Christmas season with  a joyful time. And that certainly does outweigh the alternative. Yet we know, (some of us by personal experience) sadness can touch lives at Christmas time. Avoiding all sadness and trying to shape our magic moment, is a futile endeavor. What is meant to happen, will happen. It is a broken world in which we live, and broken hearts need to heal along with it at this time. The true Christmas spirit goes far to promote this healing, through the  gift of Life that we celebrate on that day. It is through the giving that we truly are living.

As children, we researched and compiled extensive Christmas wish lists with the help of the Sears® or Montgomery Ward® catalogs, et al. But as we grew in wisdom and age, we realized that Christmas was more about other things: our family, our faith and our giving to others.

What kind of gifts brought you joy then? What gives you joy now? Today we celebrate the idea of giving and the joy that it brings to others (and ourselves in the process!) Give it your best effort, and give us a gift to ponder for this season.




My first bike was royal blue
With training wheels gone, I flew.
My roller skates with metal clamps
had key for tightening, riding down ramps.

Aunt Ida and Uncle Bill
took me with them to Forest Hills
where I learned how to ice skate;
never did a figure eight.

As an adult, other gifts matter
more, like a table laden with platters
of food, and laughter to be shared
with family and friends for whom I care.

Cards I have created from scratch,
adding personal tidbits to match
person on the receiving end
fill me with joy, and impatience to send.

© Sara McNulty – 2016




“Ebenezer,” she asks,
“If I give you my hand,
will you give me your heart?”
It would have been a smart deal
to feel something warm
where stone cold resides.
For his insides were as rotten
as an undigested bit of beef.
Had he given his heart
it would have been good as gold.
But it made him bitter and old,
a lonely lump in Cratchit’s sorry scuttle.
Emotions shuttle between sharing his love
and caring for just himself.
His past and present will dictate
the uncertain future ahead.
It is said the only true giving is in
living for the sake of humanity.
Greed and vanity will surely kill a man.
“Ebenezer,” she asks, “If I give you my hand,
will you give me your heart
© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


  1. MY 1949 CHRISTMAS

    In ‘49 when I was eight,
    mn sister thought me crazy,
    for I had dreamed that Santa Claus
    would bring a BB Daisy.
    “You’re much too young to play with guns,”
    my sister Anna told me.
    “Besides old Santa’s poor again
    and gold won’t grow on trees!”

    When I mentioned it to Papa,
    I saw his eyes get misty.
    “Let’s hope in time your dream comes true,”
    and then he hugged and kissed me.
    My father worked the late-night shift.
    During the day he would sleep,
    and I in school would daydream
    Santa found a Daisy cheap.

    When Christmas morn came to our house,
    we rushed to open presents.
    beneath the tree one had my name,
    a gift so long and thin. How pleasant!
    I thought for certain luck was mine.
    I tore apart the paper,
    and there before my very eyes,
    was not the gun I prayed for.

    My father spent his sleeping time
    whittling me a rifle.
    He wanted dreams on Christmas Day
    fulfilled and not be stifled.
    I held that rifle in my hands.
    Who cared about a BB gun!
    Papa’s love meant the world to me.
    I’m forever proud he called me son!


  2. Like lots of my memories this is old, may have shared it before….

    The Best Christmas Gift
    December 2011

    The Best Christmas Gift, To Smell:

    Grandma’s roast; cooking slowly – on the burner all day long
    Grandpa’s pipe; sweet and musty and how the two just belong

    Mom’s fresh cinnamon rolls; baked, frosted, and laid out with care
    Dad’s breath of clear outdoors carried in from the winter air

    Sister’s best dress; stored in the cedar chest, saved for today
    Brother’s chores coat; old and worn, with strands of fresh opened hay

    Crisp air; frozen to the pines, in a winter’s foggy mist
    New opened perfume; sprayed in the air, and touched to your wrist

    The Best Christmas Gift, To See:

    Fresh snow; softly falling through the night, covering the earth, making it pure
    Three daughters; gathered round the tree, which gift is whose, they aren’t sure

    Mom; still in the kitchen, cooking, baking, and tasting the feast for the day
    Dad; relaxing in his chair, some time off, no need to be at work today

    Grandpa; holding Grandma’s hand, walking up the step, making sure she doesn’t slip
    Brothers; in the loft jumping in the hay, with a shout, and jubilant flip

    The kids; all tucked in, new cozy pajamas and fuzzy socks on their feet
    You; next to me, wishing the day wouldn’t end, even though we’re tired and beat

    The Best Christmas Gift, To Hear:

    “Merry Christmas’; whispered in my ear, cherishing silence, before the kids awake
    All the children; singing, saying their part for the Christmas play, the joy they make

    The doorbell never rings, the door just opens, and more family enters, with shouts of joy
    Silent anticipation; broken by paper tearing, hoping for that special toy

    The tea kettle; announcing its ready, hot chocolate soon, with marshmallows and cream
    Heads bowed reverently, round the table gathered, prayers lifted up, following the steam

    Christmas carols sung, Christmas music played, non stop, all the day long
    The words “I Love You” whispered, and spoken aloud, making hearts strong

    The Best Christmas Gift, To Know:

    Christ our Savior; the babe, born and in a manger laid
    Lived to die, a sacrifice, all our sins’ ransom paid

    Home never leaves or forsakes you, if you hold it in your heart
    You can always go home, you’re always welcome, you fit the part

    If the day seemed wrong, and your heart has grown tired of its regretful state
    Remember, it’s all in God’s hands, tomorrow’s His gift of a clean slate

    When I wake, in the morning, middle of the night, or any moment of rest;
    I will find you there, next to me, this gift, a blessing, by far – the very best.

  3. Christmas Past and Present

    Christmas lists from Christmas past
    the dreams and hope of Santa Claus

    Putting up the tinsel tree,
    in hope that Santa be there

    We left a coke and hamburger,
    out for Santa,
    on Christmas Eve

    Seeing Nana and Grandpa
    Christmas Day,
    to be told
    Santa had stopped there

    Today, I look back
    and see unselfish giving

    My final thoughts I hope and pray,
    that man is safe and warm

    Copyright © TMC 2016

  4. Wish List

    I remember as kids
    we loved pouring over the pages
    of the Sears catalog.
    We’d make a long list,
    marking down the prices and page numbers.
    We’d marvel at how much it all cost when we added it up.
    We knew we’d get only one or two things on the list,
    but half the fun was the wishing.

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