The basic pantun consists of a quatrain (4-line verse). Commonly, each line contains between 8 and 12 syllables, and employs an abab rhyme scheme. A pantun traditionally follows a fixed rhythm. Per Wikipedia, “The first and second lines sometimes appear completely disconnected in meaning from the third and fourth, but there is almost invariably a link of some sort. Whether it be a mere association of ideas, or of feeling, expressed through assonance or through the faintest nuance of a thought, it is nearly always traceable.”



…and all at once, the rain had ceased.
When did my children grow so quick?
The length of sunshine has increased.
Why does it leave me feeling sick

when the warmth of Spring emerges?
Little girls become young women
Comfort in this season’s surges.
and all the changes from within –

blossoms having rooted now bloom,
Decorating each life they touch,
fragrant flowers fill up the room.
truly knowing they mean so much.

Life’s bouquet gathered together,
Grown in love to know what life means;
flourishing in all kinds of weather,
ever-growing, evergreen!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

5 thoughts on “INFORM POETS – PANTUN


    You ask me to explain the love I feel for you,
    as if words could say how hearts are made whole again.
    See all of life once sadly gray is painted blue?
    Why sorrows cannot smother laughter as back then?

    No one can dip their pens and define what love means.
    A futile gesture! We cannot come even close!
    Fools write poems of love and say, “How clever it seems
    that these lines express love without a hint of boast.”

    My true love is not meant for study on a slide.
    Scientists would be hard-pressed to observe its parts.
    It is like faith in our God: real but deep inside.
    Lovers live, grow, share, bringing joy to other hearts.

    There are no precise words to define what I feel.
    The pen tries. The mind stalls.The lips launch words that fail.
    Suffice to say, Sharon, this love of mine is real.
    I will carry it within my soul when I set sail.


  2. Holidays Through The Years

    Holidays that once held so much joy
    are tinged with blue shadows of loss.
    Traditional foods prepared to buoy
    our spirits enable respect to come across,

    through generations and faces new
    participating with eagerness.
    We, who are older, are somewhat imbued
    with bittersweet aches, yet warmth of togetherness.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends
    Today is the day for given thanks to our Lord
    We follow the recipe for popular trends
    Uncle Mat is starting to get bored

    We heard Richard and Bob make their amends
    Mary tries to teach Terri how to move on the game board
    Ellen and Cheryl finally became girlfriends
    Gregg sat in the recliner and snored

    Copyright © TMC 2016

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