If you pay any attention to the world, it is apparent that times are changing. A lot is changing. This week we enter into a thankful time on Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, with a quick transition (thanks or not to Black Friday) into the Christmas Season. The stores are already in full regalia and the radio stations have begun to intone Holiday music in earnest. The weather here has changed in a day from 71 degree sunshine yesterday, to 39 degree snow storm with extreme winds today. Changes, changes, changes!

So I suppose it would fall into place if we write about changes, something or someone  transitioning to something else. Write of change before I change my mind.


I’ve seen that our friend Earl Parsons is progressing and is thankful for the blessings and good wishes of all those who hold him in their thoughts and prayers. It seems he will be released from the hospital today. His recovery is still a long way to go and we hope you feel better soon, Earl! We miss you!



The air is chilled.
Clouds in a hue of blue
that feels frigid, making
exposed digits ache and stiffen.
Autumn entered through
Summer’s closing door
and it’s true that fall could be hours old,
but the cold will have you believing
that looks are deceiving. Summer has departed;
can a disheartening Winter be far behind?
I find that this respite is a diversion,
an excursion through the year of seasons.
No reason can suffice to quell
crimson leaves and ice .

© Walter J. Wojtanik -2016

23 thoughts on “PROMPT #204 – TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGING


    I used
    to like shopping,
    but now I shop in fear
    of clerks in the store who cannot
    make change.

  2. Despite the slightly melancholy tone of your piece, Walt, I love it for its vivid imagery. That last line, especially.

  3. Thanks for the update on Earl, and continued good wishes to him.


    And Here Comes the Noise

    Merry and merry,
    and jingling jolly,
    and twinkling lights
    stuck on plastic holly,
    and I’m drawn by air
    shimmering from heat,
    there where I stand
    in my kitchen, foraging
    for silence and peace.


    Today I will be a lonely train,
    a black machine on icy rails
    past villages buried in snow.
    I will whistle haunting dirges
    as I plow towards Siberia.

    In the guts of me passengers,
    lonelier than I, mutter old
    remembered prayers and weep for
    Mother Russia. I will be a train
    today. In my wooden seats

    huddle those who believe they shiver
    from the cold. Outside they watch
    the houses, the trees, all their dreams
    vanish in reverse, washed away in
    thick white strokes against their windows.

    Tomorrow in a train yard I will
    repent. For my penance see myself
    a New York City bus, open and shut
    my doors to winter shoppers
    and laughing school children.

    But today I will be a train
    coiling around the Urals like
    a serpent black and hissing.
    And I will not brake until
    I reach the gates of hell.


  5. Climate Change

    The other morning,
    we had our first snow.
    Despite it being mid-November,
    it melted quickly
    and returned to spring-like weather.

    My friend invited me
    to her Nature Center for a hike.
    I realized my mistake when she came out
    wearing gloves, a knit cap,
    a winter coat and hiking boots.

    I enjoyed our hike through the woods
    and out into an open field with a 360 degree view
    of mountain ranges in four different states,
    though I was hatless, wearing a light jacket
    and sneakers standing in two inches of snow.

    Thirteen miles into higher elevation
    makes quite a difference.

  6. When Life Ends

    When life ends
    so does the music

    Life should leave
    a mark
    on someone’s heart

    Through our struggles
    and hardships
    they are not
    in vain
    but, overcome
    by faith

    When life ends
    our souls are
    finally free
    to start
    A new chapter
    of life

    Copyright © TMC 2016

  7. Changing Forecast

    I never
    really learned
    to swim
    to ebb and flow
    with confidence
    in the deeper water
    that couldn’t decide
    which way to flow
    and so I strapped on
    plastic wings
    and belly rings
    trying to find a space
    where boisterous laughter
    and rigorous splashing
    couldn’t float
    upon me
    on the surface
    I would smile
    a white facade
    of cloudy calm
    while all the while
    my treading feet
    were kicking,
    kicking up
    a storm.

  8. Musical Notes

    For years I knew
    each rock group and song.
    Hearing each tune
    I could sing along.

    Now when engaged
    in Tournament of Teens
    on Jeopardy’s stage,
    I stare mutely at screen.

    When Grammy time comes ’round
    I no longer tune in,
    but recall groaning sounds
    parents made hearing Dylan.

    If you have teenagers
    best to be tolerant
    of their music phases.
    Should scream rise, swallow it.

  9. Black Friday

    I’m wondering about Black Friday
    Should I stay home or join in
    Is it worth my time this year?
    Would I win?

    Getting up way, way too early
    Or not going to bed at all
    Just to fight the horde for bargains
    What’s the call?

    But Black Friday’s starting early
    Some stores open on Thanksgiving Day
    There’s a hint for Thursday shopping
    I’ll stay away

    And I think I’ll sleep in Friday
    Hunt for bargains galore on line
    Let the super bargain shoppers
    Stand in line

    For I’m older now and wiser
    Kids grown up and out the door
    So Black Friday doesn’t call me
    As before

    And the Internet is easy
    Everything you’d want and more
    And the best thing they deliver
    To my door

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