The last two months of the year seem ripe for celebration. And of course, you cannot have a great celebration without good preparation. So, what are some of the thing we will be celebrating?

November Celebrations:

Nov. 1 – All Saint’s Day

Nov. 2 – All Soul’s Day

Nov. 11 – Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day

Nov. 17 – Homemade Bread Day

Nov. 24 – Thanksgiving Day

Nov. 30 – Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day


December Celebrations:

Dec. 6 – St. Nicholas Day

Dec. 12 – Day of the Virgin Guadalupe

Dec. 16 – Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Dec. 23 – Festivus

Dec. 25 – Christmas Day

Dec. 25 – Hanukkah

Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve

Dec. 31 – Make Up Your Mind Day

Also celebrated is Kwanzaa


Obviously some are legitimate days of cultural and traditional celebration. And some are just plain silly!

What we need from you is to not write about the day so much, but about any preparation needed to pull them off! Have fun and enjoy your “day”!




I miss you.
You always made special days,
days of love and nurturing.
And this future without you
keeps me wishing I had
just one moment more.
A moment to thank you for those times
and tell you did fine teaching
that nurturing and love
was harder than you made it look.
I miss you. I wish you were here.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


Written to honor my mom as we prepare to “celebrate” the thirtieth year since her passing on Christmas Eve 1986.

Dad will also be gone ten years on December 20th.




    It took me years to realize
    the soul within me needed to be fed,
    but the clamor of life, the horns
    and bells, the flashing neon lights
    diverted me from needed solitude
    where I heard at last my soul calling me
    to a quiet meditation,
    pleading with me to extricate myself
    from life’s firm moorings and sail free.

    It took so many Novembers
    before I questioned the death of nature,
    why the vibrant, verdant oak leaves
    plunged from where once the mellow sun and rain
    nourished them; why the curtain fell
    on floral shows, and gardens lay barren.
    I knew seasons come full circle:
    Plants grow, plants die, plants resurrect from seeds.
    Through it all I walked down the years.

    “This November think of the dead,”
    preached Father John. “Our loved ones who are gone
    from us. Pray they rest in the Lord.”
    I thought about love, how it never dies,
    how Papa and Mama grew old
    like wilting, brittle autumn leaves and died,
    but only to this finite world.
    “Feed me,” spoke my soul. “Give me hope one day
    we can fly to Heaven.” I nodded.


  2. Homemade Bread Day

    An early rise
    would be wise
    if you are preparing
    Ukrainian sweet bread.
    Butter needs to soften
    first, or dough will not
    knead properly. Heat milk
    in pan, then cool,
    but not too much. It mixes
    in with yeast. You do not want
    lumps to appear in smoothness
    of yellow. Three rises,
    no unwanted surprises. Take some
    pans, any shape that pleases you.
    You will net three loaves–no fishes.
    When oven is ready, brush egg
    wash over tops of loaves
    for a nut brown glaze. Save some
    for french toast.


    How odd
    it is: getting
    ready to celebrate
    takes more time than celebrating.
    How dumb.

  4. The Saturday after Thanksgiving

    I love celebrating Thanksgiving,
    Remembering all the good things
    God has given me.

    But the Saturday after
    bursts forth in long-
    awaited activity.

    Starting early September
    our host-home client
    is ready for Christmas.

    Christmas shirts and Christmas movies
    and often pushes the Christmas button
    on her communication device.

    But the Saturday after Thanksgiving

    We decorate the tree and the house.
    The whole town decorates.
    The Christmas music plays.

    Putting up the Christmas tree
    signals to her that everyone else
    is finally getting with the program.


    Christmas or
    New Years,
    there all the same.

    Verbal invitations for those
    who have no place
    to go.

    Weeks of planning
    the menu,
    grocery lists,
    shopping and

    We celebrate the day
    For our thanks
    For our lives
    For our company
    For our family of our choice.

    Then when were
    all done.

    Bellies still not

    We help the host
    clean up.

    Thank all for
    A blessed day.

    Copyright © TMC 2016


    When I think of all the kin and folks
    whose presents I must get,
    it makes my mouth erupt in croaks
    and frightens me to debt.

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