Every so often, you need to go back to basics. So today we are dealing with the ABC of poems, the Alphabet or Abecedarian poem. There are many different ways to write an alphabet poem.

You can write a poem as a twenty-six word poem with each word starting with a different letter of the alphabet.  A technique for writing this type of poem is to lay out the alphabet ahead of time so you can quickly reference the letters used (or still in play!)

You can also do this consecutively through the alphabet:

A barbaric canopy divided elephant
flag givers high in jumping karate leg
mounts nevermind old pirate quarrels
registered self-employed tax-paying
units vacated wordlessly xylophonic
yesteryear zealots.

~ Example by Robert Lee Brewer of Writer’s Asides

Another method for alphabet poems is to go through the alphabet using the first letter of the first word for each line:



Alabaster and roan, she was put down; a
broken fetlock blamed for the turn lame.
Certainly, a sad end for a once proud and
determined foal. She was a true beauty;
effervescent and ethereal.
Furlong after furlong, a strong
gait with the gallop of each
hoof striking a counterpoint to the crowd.
Indeed, now the odds were against her.
Jockeys would run her hard and fast,
keeping her on the track far
longer than she should have been.
Many years back, she was a champion, but
now in her later days, she was not.
Other trainers would have put her to
pasture, but where her legs failed, her spirit remained strong.
Question her determination, and she’d prove you wrong.
Rest would have helped her for sure, but
she knew she had one good race left in her.
Three quarters of the way around the track,
unknown to her owner, she fractured a leg.
Very few horses would have continued, but
winning her final race would reveal a true champion’s heart.
X-rays would verify the sad fact. After
years of racing, her fate was sealed. Outstanding in her field,
Zenotrope’s Zip found her rest in eternal pastures.

© Walter J. Wojtanik

Response to:
“Heaven For Horses” by Lew Sarett

Lastly, you can always flip the alphabet, too. That is, instead of going A to Z, you could write these pieces from Z to A. Give any of these a try!




    curator of the museum,
    determined that he would
    explore the legend of the
    first explication of
    God’s extirpation of
    Heaven’s angels who
    instigated a series of
    jury trials against Him,
    killing off any pretense of
    loving Him and setting up
    Mephistopheles as His
    nominal successor, an
    obvious choice, the curator thought.
    Perversely, however, the assistant curator
    queried him loudly and
    repeatedly, challenging him with
    streams of other evidence.
    Truly, the assistant was
    voraciously and
    xerocopying reams of


    Alleluia is chanted from Christian mouths
    Because it expresses for all of us
    Christ’s victory over the finality of
    Death. We mourn Good Friday, then celebrate
    Easter, the holiest day that proves to all
    Forever that Jesus is the Son of the Living
    God Who descended from Heaven in
    Human form: poorly birthed in a manger
    In Bethlehem, according to prophets like
    Jeremiah who foretold His coming:
    Khristos, the Annointed One, the Savior
    Lauded by His billion followers, this
    Messiah Who at the mention of His
    Name, all heads bow, and throughout the world,
    O King of all, to You our voices sing
    Praises loud enough to reach Paradise.
    Quiver––No, quake!––Satan and his minions
    Racing about the world furtively
    Stealing the souls of the weak, misguided,
    The timid among us. Satan’s knee bends too.
    Under the protection of Jesus Whose
    Victory over Satan saved us,
    We can dream one day to enter His Heaven,
    X marks the place, here on Earth, to begin
    Yearning for that holy land where “Alleluia”
    Zealous angels and saints sing forever.

  3. God

    A ttentive
    B eautiful
    C reative
    D ivine
    E ternal
    F aithful
    G ood
    H eavenly
    I ntelligent
    J ust
    K ind
    L oving
    M ighty
    N urturing
    O mnipresent
    P owerful
    Q uieting
    R eal
    S pirit
    T errific
    U nderstanding
    V ictorious
    W onderful
    eX alted
    Y ardstick
    Z ealous

  4. Fly Away

    any time or place can

    be made magical – even

    cloudy nights and

    days with real or

    ersatz layers of

    fog – when nothing

    glows – every sound I

    hear is muffled, an

    inimical symphony of

    jiggery-pokery, the

    kind of

    lachrymose sounds

    made only by

    no one still living

    only you can

    push aside the clouds

    quietly blow away the fog

    redeeming the night

    saving the day and dry

    tears on my cheeks, chase the

    umbral shapes like


    wandering in my imagination

    Xanadu is my destination with

    you piloting the

    zeppelin of our passion

  5. Psychiatric Clinical Symptoms
    A bi-polar depressed cow
    exhausted with fetish of yellow goats
    quickly jerking
    released some milk
    psychotic with zoophobia known identity
    under neuroleptic vision
    —TMC — (10/27/16)

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