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The song of the same name by Bryan Hyland has a lyric, “I don’t want to say goodbye  for the summer…” And during this past week, we did just that. We’ve entered the Autumnal Equinox and are free to embrace the fall season. But it does come with a tinge of sadness. Saying goodbye will do that! So, confront those feelings and write  a “Saying Goodbye to_______” poem. Maybe it will provide a bit of comfort. 



Inside my head, dwells
a young woman–impatient,
rebellious, sexual. In dreams,
this same woman appears,
parents alive and well, life
chaotic, never quite finding
her way. Spend a period
of time in my imagination.
View world through a kaleidoscope,
hear a calliope, become
a cartoon character. How do
I reconcile what I am to what I see
when I look at me? Inside my head
anything is possible; everything is fun.




No one wants to say goodbye.
We cry and forget any stiff upper lip.
Searching for a sliver of expectation
that a sad situation can be averted.
It has been asserted that eventuality
is on course, but some choose to divorce
themselves from that inherent reality.
Hope may spring eternal, but living forever
is not an offered option. You are cursed
if you expect the best and hope
the worst is a vicious lie, when the best is just
an extended suffering. The only buffering
between birth and death is life itself.
Our times will all come, some sooner
than the rest. The best thing to do
is face it with courage and love.
You can’t live on false hope.
It’s best to live fully by duly coping
with our inevitability without fear.
(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

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26 thoughts on “PROMPT #196 – SEALED WITH A KISS


    It should have been a heads-up revelation
    that post-natal slap to which I wailed
    wriggling like a worm on the hook
    of the doctor’s smooth latex hand.

    I’d been drawn from the comfort of the womb
    into a world of voices and light
    and should’ve wondered at that moment
    why the bawling and why not the joy?

    In life I marched to the beat of drummers
    who led me astray. I swung from notes,
    musical snares, that poisoned my outlook
    into believing this world was a dance.

    Hope in the confides of this life is false.
    It is the glittering impostor of gold
    that sparkles authentically in the next world
    where angels and saints sing praises to God.

    Thanks to my mother who prayed for me,
    asked the Lord to turn my head from sin,
    to fill my heart and soul with salvation,
    I can say goodbye to this world’s false peace,

    I can bide my time, live one foot here,
    the other in my dream of Heaven.
    I can wear my faith like a coat against
    bitter winds. I can bask in the Light of true peace.


  2. Saying Goodbye Hello

    Can’t stop the winter’s coming
    nor the winds that strip the trees
    nor the snow’s relentless chill
    nor the sleet’s crusty manners.
    I can’t stop the winter’s will.

    Why do I tremble
    at the thought of ice and snow
    at the deceleration of vitality
    when there is still a spark
    of yen in the banality?

    And yet, I’ve lived through spring,
    summer, into fall and if I’ve not lived
    enough, loved enough, learned enough,
    it’s not too late…. yet
    is winter’s chilling rebuff.

  3. connielpeters on said:

    Saying Goodbye to Summer

    Saying goodbye to you, summer,
    is like waving at the Shanghai Maglev
    as it speeds by at 267 m.p.h..

  4. saying goodbye to tv

    it may be hard to understand
    but i am breaking up with you
    you have monopolized my evenings
    and encouraged poor dietary choices
    after only a few hours with you
    i become insecure about my
    breath, my intestinal tract,
    my wrinkled skin
    i am overcome with guilt
    because corn gluten is the first
    ingredient in Mitten’s food
    i feel that i just can’t measure
    up to your high standards
    therefore i am pulling the plug
    on our relationship

  5. William Preston on said:

    My feelings about summer are different than most folks’, I suspect. If Marie is looking in, I think she’ll understand.


    to bugs and bites
    and sweat I shall not miss,
    O summertime, I seal this with
    a hiss.

  6. I’m actually quite ready for some cooler weather and autumn colours!

    Goodbye to Summer

    I’m reading this past summer
    backwards. Like a book.
    From a distance. And I’m
    uncertain why I hold this
    season in such high regard
    because for most of it –

    I was flushed hot, barely
    able to breathe in dripping
    humidity and swarthy air,
    and then came those dry
    sheets of wind and bright
    green sin and shedding skin

    from too much sun … and
    of all the seasons I’d say
    summer’s unconscionably vain.
    I’m ready. Goodbye to you,
    and let me feel autumn’s
    morning glow and cool.

  7. Earl Parsons on said:

    Say Goodbye to the Lady

    The writing is on the wall
    The road to doom is paved
    The only escape route blocked
    By the perpetrators of corruption
    The resolution is but a risk
    Of unpredictable outcomes
    Nonetheless a risk worth taking
    Lest we bid the Lady adieu and
    Burn Old Glory one final time

    © Earl Parsons

  8. So Long Sick Leave

    The first time you broke
    a thousand shattered pieces
    so many lost and lonely years
    haunting ghosts
    stinging tears and nights forlorn
    bitter and torn
    time and growth finally healing

    The last time you broke
    two blocked arteries
    no pain just panic and fears
    indistinct memories
    stinging tears and nights forlorn
    stressed and worn
    doctors and science healing

    The long dark summer ends
    no more the lazing
    the waiting
    the recuperating
    the classroom waiting
    the students expectant and hopeful
    the colleagues
    joyful and encouraging
    the heart full of hope
    and strength
    the show must go on
    and you must not
    will not


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