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We’re in the throes of another Summer Olympic competition. Much like our poetic exercises, it is as we know and international event. For today, we are offering you an Olympic Word Cloud.


Put your head in the cloud and fine words with which to construct your poem. I’m not expecting you to use them all. Seven to ten would be considered ambitious! And since we’re are non-competitive here, you’re not looking to beat anyone to the finish line, just beat your own best rhyme!


Words used: strength, celebration, challenge, success, motivation, people, win, figure, determination, victory

What a winning figure she cut,
her radiance striking to all.
Strength had carried her through a gut-
wrenching time, and now sitting enthralled,

people she loves, in celebration–
a success, who would guess? Carnegie Hall.
Passion for piano was motivation,
a challenge to rise up after a fall.

Applause! Applause! a victory earned
through determination; a smile from wall-
to-wall brightens her face as she turns
and bows while standing six feet tall.



Words: ceremony, banner, flag, winner, competition, winter, summer, rings, camaraderie, victory


We march under our banner,
the flag or our nation’s  colors,
in the cause for the rings.
Anthems played; a ceremony
to celebrate each victory.
We honor our winners,
summer or winter, camaraderie
is a condition of our competition!

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28 thoughts on “PROMPT #190 – GOING FOR THE GOLD

  1. (words used: ribbon, celebration, prize, cup, victory, Olympic, challenge, strength)


    They bring down the ribbon,
    chests puffed like starlings
    and wait for the timekeeper
    to deliver the good news/bad news
    who won/who lost.

    Who will find cause for celebration,
    carry home around his neck
    the glittering prize of gold
    or the oppressive avian weight
    of the loser’s albatross?

    Fans surrounding the track
    raise their cup to victory,
    to an Olympic challenge
    met with strength of resolve
    and sportsmanlike dignity.


  2. William Preston on said:


    The camaraderie of sport
    defines Olympic games;
    though competition must be fierce,
    all know the others’ names.

    Though medals be the motivation
    for celebration’s guise,
    achievements born of determination
    link all in one great prize.

  3. William Preston on said:

    Sara, I like the twist you placed on the prompt. It left me smiling.

  4. William Preston on said:

    Walt, I especially like the conclusion of your piece.

  5. Silence of Summer

    Silence of trees where no wind blows
    Silence of bees when there is no rose
    Silence of the bird with absence of rain
    Silence my heart til you return again

    Silence of a road without a car
    Silence of night sky minus a star
    Silence of day at break of dawn
    Silence of life when breath is gone

    Silence in Rio as last race won
    Silence of the flags as no one to run
    Silence of stands with no fans to cheer
    Silence of gold, bronze, and silver

    Open our hearts that we may hear
    Sounds of silence that make life dear

  6. So far, everyone is “medalling” in this event! Keep it up!

  7. connielpeters on said:

    Confidence Isn’t Everything

    The blood flowed in her veins like ice.
    She challenged people here and there.
    Her place was not to be Miss. Nice.
    She figured that no one would care.

    To her it seemed like just a game.
    Her spirit was to do or die.
    Said action was her middle name.
    Her confidence did reach the sky.

    The ribbon pride wound round her neck
    The day her dreams came all to naught.
    The angry crowd kept her in check,
    Yet for the prize, she took her shot.

    Her failure plainly there in print.
    She thought she’d win, alas she didn’t.

  8. Winning is nothing when it becomes everything!! Good job!

  9. I worked this in as Quadrille also.

    The Swimmer

    He was all blind bones and tendons,
    whip-willow arms and flying legs.
    Stood sturdy. Stood jar-steady.
    It seemed easy, there in water,
    light as clouds are in sky.
    Fluid and flowing, a light
    blue mountain’s breath, and
    he fed off the roar of crowds.


    © Misky 2016.

  10. Earl Parsons on said:

    The Road

    No medal
    No trophy
    No gold at race’s end
    No winners
    Or losers
    More road around the bend
    Through summer
    And winter
    The road goes on and on
    No heat waves
    No snow days
    A champion must stay strong
    A challenge we will meet
    Life’s road will not defeat

    © Earl Parsons

    Words used: medal, trophy, race, gold, winner, summer, winter, snow, champion, strong, motivation, challenge, celebration.

  11. Great one Earl.. I read it aloud and loved the way it flowed.

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