We’re in the throes of another Summer Olympic competition. Much like our poetic exercises, it is as we know and international event. For today, we are offering you an Olympic Word Cloud.


Put your head in the cloud and fine words with which to construct your poem. I’m not expecting you to use them all. Seven to ten would be considered ambitious! And since we’re are non-competitive here, you’re not looking to beat anyone to the finish line, just beat your own best rhyme!


Words used: strength, celebration, challenge, success, motivation, people, win, figure, determination, victory

What a winning figure she cut,
her radiance striking to all.
Strength had carried her through a gut-
wrenching time, and now sitting enthralled,

people she loves, in celebration–
a success, who would guess? Carnegie Hall.
Passion for piano was motivation,
a challenge to rise up after a fall.

Applause! Applause! a victory earned
through determination; a smile from wall-
to-wall brightens her face as she turns
and bows while standing six feet tall.



Words: ceremony, banner, flag, winner, competition, winter, summer, rings, camaraderie, victory


We march under our banner,
the flag or our nation’s  colors,
in the cause for the rings.
Anthems played; a ceremony
to celebrate each victory.
We honor our winners,
summer or winter, camaraderie
is a condition of our competition!