Today we revisit the concept of a bucket list of sorts. We begin each year with big plans, starting with our seldom kept New Year’s resolutions. We brainstorm ideas of things to do, places to see and people with whom we’ve been meaning to catch up. But again, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.


Often seen through the course of a life well lived (and a questionable continuance) we hear tell of people’s half-hearted attempt to squeeze more life out of the time they have. But what we’re looking at as we near the halfway point of the summer season here in the North American continent, (and other seasons around the world) are the plans that you made that have fallen through for some reason. Maybe they didn’t fit into your schedule at this time. Perhaps finances became an issue. Possibly there had been a life altering situation in your realm of influence that prevents you from carrying it out. Whatever the reason, tell us what you missed out on so far this year that you wished you hadn’t! There’s still time to do it mind you, but maybe committing it to page will be just the thing to motivate you to get it done!

Write your poem based on these thoughts!



No visits from friends
back east. Beast known
as age is rearing it head.
Knees, hips, lack of funds,
well, after all, we were
the ones who moved
across country. I miss
not sharing all that we have
discovered in neighborhoods
out here. Wait. As I write
this, we get a call. All is not
lost. Niece and spouse
are coming in. Their son is beginning
college in Portland. Look forward
to seeing them in couple
of weeks. I am already thinking
where we can take them,
what to cook, and how homey
the house will feel with visitors




 It’s a peaceful repast to our day,
which fulfills us in every way.
It always seems we spend time in daydreams,
and not enough on just living, I’d say!

(A Gwawdodyn)


(C) Walter J. Wojtanik