Poet Gary R. Ferris provides today’s inspiration with his poem:

Peaceful Summer Day

Sitting on the front porch enjoying a peaceful summer day,
Writing down the words that He’s given me to say.
Sipping on my coffee and watching the wind blow the trees,
Quietly watching the birds sailing in the breeze.

When I look at this beauty it takes my cares away,
The majestic mountains that top these skies today.
Off in a distance a bird begins to sing,
And the sounds of the country and the music it can bring.

The dogs are lying in the sun and lost in the deep,
To watch them in this summer breeze make me want to fall asleep.
To realize that I have been so blessed,
All of my troubles become no more than a pest.

Listening to the sound of children playing in the sun,
Reminds me of a boy and all the things I had done.
Laughing and playing and cherishing each day,
Sometimes I wish that those times were here to stay.

In a world full of struggle, turmoil, and strife,
I feel so blessed to get to live this life.
There are no brilliant words that I could ever say,
That ever could describe a peaceful summer day.


There’s nothing better on a Sunday than writing a poem using the “words that He’s given” us to say. Hook into a word, a line or a thought to expand upon, and write your new poem!