Sorry for the late start. Monitoring a family member who was in an accident last night and the evening got away from me!


The temperatures aren’t the only thing that can heat up in the summer! Romance can blossom. Walks in the summer rain, or along the shore… moonlight strolls could all be the beginning of a beautiful romance.

The film Summer Love provided the nudge for today.

Summer Love

Summer Love


Synopsis: John Saxon and his rock ‘n roll combo getting a month-long summer gig at a co-ed camp in Lake Tahoe; he has reluctant eyes for the wealthy lass whose family owns a house nearby, but a visit from his steady girlfriend–not to mention the burden of babysitting his younger brother and sister–may scuttle any hopes for a summer romance. Also featured in this is Poet Rod McKuen.


We’re looking for a love poem today. Love is for all seasons, so we won’t fault you for going there, but if you have a summer love in you, by all means, write it!