My co-host Sara had a bit of a mishap and had injured her hand. She figured it would preclude her from participating for a few days. But I have given her a chance to make a difference by giving her reign over providing today’s prompt. So today, is Sara’s day. She had provided some ideas and i liked this one particularly. So for Sara:

This tuesday we’re inspired by Picnic, a movie based on a play by William Inge.

The film dramatizes 24 hours in the life of a small Kansas town in the mid-20th-century United States. It revolves around the Labor Day holiday, the traditional end of summer vacations in America, after which people must return to school or work and face up to the challenges in their lives. It is the story of the proverbial outsider who blows into town and subsequently manages to overturn complacency, shake convention, disrupt and rearrange lives and reset the fates of all those with whom he comes into contact.


Obviously, Picnic is no picnic! But you can fix that by writing a picnic poem. Foods, settings, companion, sounds… anything you’d associate with a picnic are fair game for your poem! We’re rolling along this July and the participation has been great. Let’s finish strong!