The Summer I Learned To Fly by Dana Reinhardt

The Summer I Learned To Fly
by Dana Reinhardt

We’re hitting the books again today! This next book title we’ve chosen for inspiration is taken from the YA novel, The Summer I Learned to Fly by Dana Reinhardt.



In the lazy days of summer in a California coastal town, Drew works at her mother’s struggling cheese shop and indulges her crush on an older co-worker, until she discovers Emmett and becomes involved in his very different world.

Drew and her mother have been a team for all the years since her father died, with pet rat Humboldt Fog as a companion. Thirteen-year-old Drew finally begins to separate and grow into her own person in this crucial summer.


We all had to learn lessons throughout our lives, and the ones that had come the hardest seem to be the ones that stay with us the longest. Whether learning to ride a bike or learning to drive, learning the hard lessons of love or of life (and death), we all grow in the knowledge we attain. Raising our children was an education in itself! Write a poem about some kind of lesson you may have learned that one summer (or any season really!) Maybe we’ll learn a little something  in the process!