There are so many phrases and snippets of sound relating to summer. You’ve heard many of them. I will offer ten (10) such word groupings and you are presented with the task of using at least four of them in your poem – any style, any form, rhyme or not… all you’ve got to do is use at least four. Can I use all ten, you ask? Yes, as a bonus to one who “runs the table”, anyone who uses all ten will win my heartfelt appreciation and extreme awe at your accomplishment. 🙂

Here are your ten:

“dog days of summer…”                    

“children running through a water sprinkler…”

“enjoy a chilled glass of___________”                    

“catch a wave…”

“kissed by the sun…”                                                        

“listen to the waves at the seashore…”

“I wish we never have to leave the beach…”                                                      

“summer nights under the stars…”

“lazy (or hazy, crazy) days of summer…”                            

“crank up theA/C (air conditioning)…”


And if you have a favorite summer saying, by all means use your own if the mood strikes you!

We’re looking for the language that seasons the summer season. I’ll join you as soon as I fill the cooler and flip the burgers on the grill! Aloha! (And don’t forget the sunscreen!)