This Saturday’s feature film is “Summer Clouds” (Iwashigumo), a 1958 Japanese film directed by MIKIO NARUSE. Naruse seems to be fascinated by clouds since his other titles include “Floating Clouds” and “Scattered Clouds”


Summer Clouds (1958)

Synopsis: The country makes an unusual setting for Naruse, known for his city films, and the lyrical, open-air feeling of this color, Cinescope film almost hides the defeat that permeates the story of a war widow with a young boy who manages a farm with her bossy mother-in-law, while trying to be independent of her traditional farming family. 


We often gaze at the sky and see cloud formations that reminds us of something. So too, we look at clouds and are inspired enough to write a cloud poem! Whatever the title “Summer Clouds” brings to mind, write it into your poem. Maybe something in a Japanese form to steer your words? Either way, do not float away until you write your summer themed cloud poem!



    Your eyes are deceiving you
    and your heart believes that you
    are seeing what it wants you to!

    It is her that you see, a vision
    in the misty faded wisps. You envision
    her beauty with beholding eyes, indecision

    fills your mind, your pulse beats out loud
    and you can see her face in the vaporous crowd,
    hidden in the remarkable expanse of clouds.

    You blame the lateness of your night,
    you blame your last meal, or the light
    and try as hard as you might,

    you cannot erase her.
    You cannot replace her
    and God forbid you should deface her

    memory. You could swear she is right there,
    her perfume, the smell of her hair
    a gentle hand gracing your shoulder to repair

    the loss you might feel. It seems too real
    and you thought you could deal
    with it, but you continue to feel

    her presence so near.
    She is floating right here,
    and you’re not very clear

    if you want this image to stop haunting
    you, the task of waiting till evening is daunting.
    You reach to touch what is not there, leaving you wanting.

    © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

    • Thanks, Janet. You are welcome about the prompting. You all are rocking the heck out of these poetic nudges and are making it well worth the time and effort. I thank you all for your help reviving a wonderful place to play poet. The timing was just right for its return.

    (A Sicilian Octave)

    Night falls slowly in skies above us, inking
    over blueness. White clouds, vague hints of sunlight,
    turn dark the vast expanse of star land twinkling
    light years’ distance from Earth below, asleep. Night
    falls silent in the moments of Time’s ticking.
    Her hands empty the hours, taking delight,
    moving people along their treadmill thinking:
    Life’s days pass us by! Oh, if only we might
    stop the clouds, keep this one day forever bright.



    tears of sad angels
    tumble down
    from handkerchief clouds

    thunder harshly booms
    God’s loud voice
    chastising mankind

    but the flowers
    know better
    They call the rain “grace”


  4. been thinking daily, with love, of Walter and Randi and everyone who mourns the loss of Vivienne.

    What Are Days For?

    The sky is vast, and sometimes
    seems not of our world.
    Even as the clouds weep,
    and the earth cries out in pain,
    it is possible
    to love throughout the day,
    to find joy midst the suffering.
    Walking through our world,
    it is possible
    for every living soul
    to have innate Buddhist wisdom,
    being and acting as harmless
    as they know how to be.
    It is possible
    to smother anger and hate,
    to cover them with
    charity, sympathy, tenderness, benevolence.
    It is possible
    to practice radical humility.
    It is possible
    to notice that what is convenient for us
    is inconvenient for others.
    It is possible
    to slow down,
    walk more slowly on the earth,
    be healing and strong,
    rejoice in the day.
    What else are days for?

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    Tanka for a Tree in France

    Cloud above a tree…
    water’s appreciated
    her heart enriches –
    Poetree breathes with goodness
    she’s remembered and lives on.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2016

    Remembering our poet-friend tenderly. ♥

    From Viv’s epitaph that she wrote in 2014…

    “I want to lie in idleness
    beneath my favourite tree.”

    Summer Clouds

    Strings of pearls
    Bouquets of roses
    Wings of angels


    Pictures of praise
    To His Essence
    His Holiness

    Summer clouds

    What do they think
    as they pass overhead
    as they watch the
    fighting and death
    the destruction that
    melts the ice
    the waste that fills
    the earth
    do they break apart
    in sighs
    or turn dark
    with anger
    or do they weep
    over what we’ve done

    White Tumble Weeds

    When you can take
    a breath, a minute
    and just sit…
    I suggest, pulling up a piece of grass
    and laying on your back to gaze at the summer sky.
    There is nothing like
    the peace
    of watching clouds float by
    and letting go of everything
    for a minute, a breath
    to watch the shades of white, blue and gray
    move as if in a slow tumble
    as they morph
    from one imagined shape
    to another
    like young animals playing
    in the afternoon sun
    for a minute,
    take a breath.

  11. Wonderful prompt on clouds and the movie series by Naruse is an excellent group of movies. Below is the tanka I meant to copy and paste instead of the one I did. The tanka refers to clouds called by the Japanese – yaekumo – eight fold clouds or, double blooming cherry trees.

    many layered clouds –
    double blooming cherry tree –
    cherry blossoms are
    missed but always there are trees
    blooming in the summer sky


    Flat bottoms
    Tops reaching for the heavens
    Unrest and turmoil within
    What shall become of them
    As they rumble through the skies

    Darker and darker they turn
    Sparks fly willy-nilly inside
    Rumbles grow into boomings
    And then the fun begins

    One strike from bottom to ground
    Then another
    And another
    Accompanied by bomb-like booms
    Shaking all within its blast zone
    Nerve-wracking for us human kind

    But the shows only just begun
    The air below it fills with rain
    Blinding, flooding, monsoon rain
    In an angry fit it spews hail
    Damaging, run-for-cover hail
    And more angry lightning

    We all hunker down
    Until the show is finally concluded
    And we have time to assess the damage
    And prepare for the next one
    Which will surely come far too soon

    © Earl Parsons

  13. This is very much a draft version …

    Above the Crust

    They come in legions,
    drifting summer clouds.
    They hide in the folds of
    a thousand constellations,
    then part, set the sky to blue.
    And those clouds ponder
    heaven, scratch the sky
    and swallow kites, but
    below their heaven’s walk,
    we chew at earth’s crust.
    And limp.


    © Misky 2016

    Summer Shapes

    sky watching
    a white whale swims into view–
    transforms to elephant

    transforms to elephant
    trunk and ears visible
    stretches like taffy

    stretches like taffy
    into long, sleek greyhound
    sky darkens, clouds shift

    sky darkens, clouds shift
    rumble of thunder resounds
    skywatching moves indoors

    Open Air Picture Show

    We as children
    Face-up in soft grass
    Hands clasped behind our heads
    Watching floating scenes above,
    Seeing things differently –
    Each through our own lens,
    Mimicking real life.

    © Marie Elena Good

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  18. A day late, as usual.

    Have You Ever?

    Have you ever
    stretched out, belly-down on tickle-green grass
    to commune with a lady bug?

    Have you ever
    climbed a tree to be closer to clouds scudding
    across a cerulean sky?

    Have you ever
    tipped-toed through meadow grass, barefooted
    following the song of running water?

    Have you ever
    tried to count stars, looking for the one
    that winks at you?

    Have you ever
    tasted a rock, a daisy or light, hoping
    to become one with nature, with God?

    I have.

    Really enjoying these prompts. Thanks for the hard work.

  19. Better late than never:) Busy, away-days this week-end.

    Of Time-flies and Cloud-skies…

    Time flies, we say and bend that old cliché into a sigh
    The paradise of yesterday is like a summer sky
    So far away; yet close enough to steal our restless gaze
    With gold and gray as hold and letting go numbers our days

    Darling, our dreams are lofty like a fleet of clouds and stars
    Trial and error teems and often melds triumph with scars
    Present-day pain and pleasure fray; tomorrow bides its time
    Like clouds above a summer day, always too far to climb

    Time holds out trays laden with Days; its age-old ways compete
    What we should do with what we do; each off’ring bitter-sweet
    They waft up to the clouds that sail so soft on summer blue
    To regale us with echoes on some yonder avenue

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  21. Have been away and will try and get caught up bit by bit … starting here


    On the Canadian prairies, it’s so flat for so far, there’s a joke that you can see
    your dog run away for three days
    Along the same lines, you can see towering cumulus-nimbus clouds assemble along
    the horizon like columns of soldiers
    As the storm gathers strength, the clouds stack higher and draw closer; you would
    swear they’re marching steadily towards you
    Sometimes, they stop short of coming all the way and just stand off as if being told to,”hold up”, and they do.
    And occasionally, they retreat but one never seems to see that take place; it’s rumoured, it must be at night, or maybe the clouds just evaporate.
    Where I live, it’s known as “big sky country” and it surely is that … but the clouds, they’re spectacular all on their own.

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