This Saturday’s feature film is “Summer Clouds” (Iwashigumo), a 1958 Japanese film directed by MIKIO NARUSE. Naruse seems to be fascinated by clouds since his other titles include “Floating Clouds” and “Scattered Clouds”


Summer Clouds (1958)

Synopsis: The country makes an unusual setting for Naruse, known for his city films, and the lyrical, open-air feeling of this color, Cinescope film almost hides the defeat that permeates the story of a war widow with a young boy who manages a farm with her bossy mother-in-law, while trying to be independent of her traditional farming family. 


We often gaze at the sky and see cloud formations that reminds us of something. So too, we look at clouds and are inspired enough to write a cloud poem! Whatever the title “Summer Clouds” brings to mind, write it into your poem. Maybe something in a Japanese form to steer your words? Either way, do not float away until you write your summer themed cloud poem!