One week has passed and we’re off on a productive July P.A.D. experience. We’ve worked with quotes of summer, poems of summer, Songs with Summer in the title and a book with Summer. Today we pull another tome off the shelves for inspiration. (And in doing so, pay homage to our own favorite Sicilian, Salvatore Buttaci) The volume we are choosing is entitled “That Summer in Sicily – A Love Story” by Marlena de Blasi.

That Summer in Sicily by Marlena de Blasi

That Summer in Sicily
by Marlena de Blasi

The story: “At villa Donnafugata, long ago is never very far away,” writes bestselling author Marlena de Blasi of the magnificent but crumbling castle in the mountains of Sicily that she  accidentally finds one summer while traveling with her husband, Fernando. de Blasi is befriended by Tosca, the matriarch of the villa, an elegant and beautiful woman-of-a-certain-age who conveys her life-spanning love story with the last prince of Sicily descended from French nobility.


Today’s prompt? Write a “That Summer in ________” poem about a place that brings a fond (or otherwise) memory from summers past. Maybe a coming of age poem, or an expose. A self-discovery perhaps. If you are at a loss for such a place and time, maybe an interesting person you may have met in your summer travels can spark your writing today! As always, Bon Voyage and Good Poems to you all!