So, we’ve reached the point of the year where we head into our Annual July Chapbook P.A.D.  and with just two days from today to July 1st, I thought it would be a bit much to squeeze a form prompt in before we begin. So…


Summertime can be entertaining, and we find ways to entertain ourselves at our leisure. We watch movies, films and watch programs. We listen to music and read books. Some continue to write poetry… we occupy our time in enjoyable and entertaining (again, there’s that word) ways. 

So here’s the deal! After hitting the beach, going camping, and seeing the world, this year we are taking a “Stay-cation”. And this year our theme is:



The daily prompts will be inspired by the the summer-laced titles of the aforementioned movies, films, programs, songs, books and anything else that will inspire us this summer. Wednesday will include a form requirement and Sunday will be treated like the other 26 days with a prompt in keeping with our theme! There may be a couple “wild-cards” thrown into the mix, just to keep you on your poetic toes.

So join us, won’t you? And invite your poetic friends to do so as well! These have always been favorite undertakings here at POETIC BLOOMINGS. And the payoff at the end is your compiling (and us highlighting) your “Entertaining Summer” Chapbook. At the very least, you’ll have a whole month’s worth of poems to fudge and whip into shape for your portfolio!

Sara and I hope to see you here!