Today,  I ask you to write a love poem. Not for your spouse or significant other. Not to your children or parents. Not to a lost love. I want you to write a love poem to your favorite character in literature. Or Television show or Movie. A variation of this… write the love poem to yourself as that character you admire! Even though the “love” will be unrequited, spill the passion. Write the love poem! (Don’t worry, no relationship will be harmed in the execution of this exercise!) 😀



A Vagabond Stole My Heart

Oh Ben, how you quicken
my heartbeats. It sickens
me to see you stuck
in Mississippi. They do not
appreciate what a great man
you are. Those baby-blues
can spark a fire. Clara may suit
you for a time, then her charms
will pall. You will tire of her,
and her interfering daddy and brother.
They will smother you in the end.
Why don’t you pack up
your belongings,
bring that sweet pouting mouth
out here where air is clear,
and a woman waits
with open arms.

Letter to Ben Quicken (Paul Newman)
in The Long Hot Summer.



Of all the lousy gin joints
in all the towns,
in all the world,
I wish you had walked into mine.
Your accent, it captivates me,
it motivates me to profess my love
and above all else Ilsa,
I think your accent is sweet-ish.
I think you’re a fine dish
(you look a bit like Ingrid Bergman),
and I wish we could share a drink
in a real American Cafe and not some
French sounding hotzy-totzy joint
where the Nazis hang out.
But then I think, when you finally get it.
you would regret it if you stayed—
maybe not tomorrow or today,
but very soon for the rest of your life
(Even though you’re someone else’s wife, Ilsa.)
Just remember this: a rose is a rose and
a kiss is still a kiss and the bliss of seeing you
out weighs the danger of us becoming strangers.
They tell me Lisbon is nice this time of year,
but I just wish you had come here!
We’ll always have our song. Sam played it
for you and he’ll play it for me. I see
Louie is here. Maybe if I take the chance,
it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
 Play it, Sam!

Forever Yours.

55 thoughts on “PROMPT #188 – A LOVE POEM

  1. Sara, I just watched him in a movie last night and he is not hard to love;-) !!

    Walt, you chose one of my favs too…I just listened to the song As Time Goes By, the other day.

    Thank-you for this fun quote. If time allows I would like to try another! and I know you all understand the ‘if time allows’ thing:)

    Permission for Passion Unrequited…

    Yes, we understand each other
    Kindred spirits, kept apart
    By too many generations
    Long lost lovers, heart to heart

    They don’t make them like they used to
    Your blue eyes can undo years
    Until nothing seems between us
    Then we dance; time disappears

    When you waited in that meadow
    Grief and passion inter-wound
    I knew I’d love you forever
    Farewell forced by moral ground

    I won’t tell, and you can’t, darling
    Come close, let me hold your hand
    Soft, the seasons fall between us
    Yet I know you understand

    © Janet Martin

    (for Warren Beatty in Splendor in the Grass)


    Though Irish eyes were smiling,
    yours smiled much brighter still;
    your voice brought joy and laughter
    resembling tarn and rill;

    your hair was sunlight gleaming
    before the close of day;
    when I put it all together,
    sure you stole my heart away.

    I’m not pretty,
    but I’m witty,
    Sing a ditty,
    oh yes, I do.
    I’m not pretty,
    a bit flitty
    such a pity,
    but I’m madly in love with you.
    You’re so charming,
    quite disarming,
    so entrancing and stunning and gay.
    It’s alarming,
    so unarming,
    When you’re dancing or running at play.
    Would such a pretty Maria
    ever marry me without Shiah?
    How might that attractive girl be?
    Here’s the nitty-gritty,
    you’re too pretty
    for a faded old codger like m

    The Barone-Ess

    Truly radiant one moment
    A ranting loony the next
    Sparked by the situation
    The ever changing situation
    Yet no matter her action
    Reflex or reaction
    Her beauty shines through
    Even when the blood boils
    Because she loves him so
    The lunatic of Lynbrook
    What a lucky man

    © Earl Parsons


    One life was quite enough.
    Elleander Morning, you lived two.
    I loved your courage, that gutsy
    streak that sent you to Austria
    in 1913 to fire a bullet
    into the heart of a mustached
    house painter who in one history
    never lived to swill down steins
    of Munich ale at the Beer Hall Putsch,
    never lived to turn the world upside down.

    It’s no fiction when I confess
    this man tapping keys loves you,
    acclaims you a heroine
    in a diverted world war
    that in the other reality
    the Charlie-Chaplin lookalike
    (you so bravely killed)
    lived on to spew a spiraling madness
    ending with a gun in his own hand
    (exploding in his own head)

    Elleander, if I knew which world
    you lay your weary body down,
    (this one that holds me in its palm;
    That one paralleling in space),
    I would spread a color quilt
    of forget-me-nots on your grave,
    kneel and sing a prayerful song,
    tell passers-by how a man could stand
    with each leg in two different realities
    and love a woman in its dog-eared pages.


    from Elleander Morning by Jerry Yulsman


    A star-struck me in childhood bliss
    Off day dreaming, as dreamers do
    And in this dream, I steal a kiss …
    And would, were I a cricket too.

    © Marie Elena Good, 2016

  8. Sara: I’ve never seen Long Hot Summer, but I might have to now. 🙂

    Walt: The king of love poems strikes again, and nobody (NOBODY) does it better.

  9. I tried the recommended movies and books, etc., but just fell flat, so I’ve gone with one of my favourite singers.


    Édith Piaf

    When she sang
    it was raindrops.
    Falling diamonds.
    A firestarter with those
    drizzling tones.

    Édith, my Édith,
    a beacon for angels,
    who made the saints weep.
    I know her every song —
    they were like medicine,
    cured my heart. Words

    to stop my furrowing rot.
    I’d become old — dry wood,
    but my roots longed for wet,
    begged to be moist blushing plums.

    And she was my drink.
    Her voice carved the clouds,
    a passage for sparrows
    and swifts to fly. Free.

    So I trod on without her.
    Trod along life’s lyric.
    So sing to me, Édith.
    Sing me to heaven.

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  11. For those not familiar with the phrase used in the title…it’s from the movie Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner…filmed in my home state of Iowa.


    You built it
    and it drew me in.
    Your belief
    in things not
    seen, inspired me to hold on
    to you in my dreams.


    Your great height, big glasses,
    and even your stuttering charms me.
    You’re the sensible one in the bunch.
    Your bravery and concern
    override your phobias.
    Next time you save the world,
    take me with you.

    David played by Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day and Resurgence

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