Today,  I ask you to write a love poem. Not for your spouse or significant other. Not to your children or parents. Not to a lost love. I want you to write a love poem to your favorite character in literature. Or Television show or Movie. A variation of this… write the love poem to yourself as that character you admire! Even though the “love” will be unrequited, spill the passion. Write the love poem! (Don’t worry, no relationship will be harmed in the execution of this exercise!) 😀



A Vagabond Stole My Heart

Oh Ben, how you quicken
my heartbeats. It sickens
me to see you stuck
in Mississippi. They do not
appreciate what a great man
you are. Those baby-blues
can spark a fire. Clara may suit
you for a time, then her charms
will pall. You will tire of her,
and her interfering daddy and brother.
They will smother you in the end.
Why don’t you pack up
your belongings,
bring that sweet pouting mouth
out here where air is clear,
and a woman waits
with open arms.

Letter to Ben Quicken (Paul Newman)
in The Long Hot Summer.



Of all the lousy gin joints
in all the towns,
in all the world,
I wish you had walked into mine.
Your accent, it captivates me,
it motivates me to profess my love
and above all else Ilsa,
I think your accent is sweet-ish.
I think you’re a fine dish
(you look a bit like Ingrid Bergman),
and I wish we could share a drink
in a real American Cafe and not some
French sounding hotzy-totzy joint
where the Nazis hang out.
But then I think, when you finally get it.
you would regret it if you stayed—
maybe not tomorrow or today,
but very soon for the rest of your life
(Even though you’re someone else’s wife, Ilsa.)
Just remember this: a rose is a rose and
a kiss is still a kiss and the bliss of seeing you
out weighs the danger of us becoming strangers.
They tell me Lisbon is nice this time of year,
but I just wish you had come here!
We’ll always have our song. Sam played it
for you and he’ll play it for me. I see
Louie is here. Maybe if I take the chance,
it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
 Play it, Sam!

Forever Yours.