I have been dealing with loss lately. So we’ll purge that from my system once and for all, and the best we can with this prompt. Write about something or someone you’ve lost. Or write the converse, something you’ve found or gained or won. Don’t lose sleep over writing a winning poem!



My sister and I are unhappy
each time Father’s Day rolls around.  We have recently
added Mother’s Day.  We imagine
what our parents would say,
today, about the upcoming election
and general chaos.  Both were
politically involved.
Today in Manhattan, we celebrated
my Aunt Sylvia’s ninety-seventh birthday.
My cousin and I found each other
again after years.  Nothing like a reunion
with Italian food and chocolate
blackout cake.  We remember
with tears, those we have loved
and lost, but we smile and feel lucky
about those we still have.




The phoenix rising,
back from the dead.
Lazarus called,
he wants his life back.
Lost in the depths
of a broken spirit,
left in the lurch
with much more to say.
You stand in silence,
wishing for the return
of your sanity, and
your security, and
everything else you’ve lost
or leaves you feeling empty;
dead from the floor up.
The randomness of words
tossed together with ease
and flair, brings your voice
from deep within you and
gives cause to express
every heartfelt pang,
poem and passion,
delivering your work
to an appreciative audience,
offering peace and
confidence to your lifeless
rhyme. Infusing your heart
and soul with the breath
of a million soft sighs,
for the poet has found
his promise and drive.
Once again alive.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016