The Collins stanza is a melding of three utilities of the poetic process; (1) three sets of rhyming couplets, that create a (2) sestet, but with the last line of each stanza repeating (a line, phrase or word) to link it with the next stanza; making it also a (3) repeating form. There are no limits to the number of stanzas you write. However, at least three are required to give the evidence of the repetition in this form,

Ideally heroic couplets are used but any rhyming couplet is permitted. To differentiate between the two, a poem using Heroic couplets, (Iambic Pentameter) is called a Divine Collins.

Lets look at an example of the normal form.

Lovers Apart

A depth of feeling within my heart
Is so intense when we are apart
For in my dreams I feel your touch
That I know I long for thee much
Oh how that smile doth beguile me
From lips that whisper I love thee.

Yearn to savour thy tender touch
My dearest I doth love thee much
For moments apart hath told me so
This absence tells me thus I know
Oh how that smile doth beguile me
From lips that whisper I love thee.

I long to be held twixt loving arms
Feeling warmth and sensual charms
One day soon we shall fly together
Raising our spirits on high forever
Oh how that smile doth beguile me
From lips that whisper I love thee.

Divena Collins




He rode into town in a ten-gallon hat
that blocked out the sun; he was tough, that Matt
In Dodge City hooligans ran rampant
a ‘shootin’ a ‘stealin’, behavin’ like infants.
Gritty and tired, he rode in wth a frown,
Mr. Matt Dillon arrived in town

A new sheriff come to restore order.
They imported him from over the border.
He became good friends with Doc and Kitty.
Next step was gettin’ a deputy.
Bad guys thinned out, hearin’ the sound
When Mr Matt Dillon arrived in town.

People out west heard about Dodge.
Came to see for themselves, it was no mirage.
Farmers, cowboys, and families came.
In Dodge City, there was no more shame.
No shootin’, no stealin’ and so it remains,
since Mr. Matt Dillon arrived in town.

© Sara McNulty



Silence does befall this place,
and in the night I see your face.
Every feature haunts my muddled mind
in the darkness of this room I find
your piercing eyes, your turned up nose…
these shadows offer no repose.

This stillness in my heart does ache
and I can tell, make no mistake
the love I carried, I carry still.
For surely I’ll carry you until
my own eyes finally close,
these shadows offer no repose.

But, until that fateful day
I’ll still have so much more to say
to fill the vacuum of this night
and keep your visage in my sight.
For in spite of how our ending goes,
these shadows offer no repose.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


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