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Gone With The Wind~by Margaret Mitchell

Imagine if Rhett Butler did not say those immortal words, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn?” Would Scarlett have made a wonderful wife? Would they have any children?

A Streetcar Named Desire~by Tennessee Williams

What if Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski ran off together? Would Stella have to depend on the kindness of strangers?

Select a protagonist from a novel you have enjoyed,
and change the direction he/she took in life.



Hulking and broken, he sits and stares,
faint flashes of brilliance
invade. Muscles twitch
when he tries to make a fist.
A native son, punch drunk
and sullen, sunken into a state
no brotherly love can placate.
You hate to see him this way,
he should have quit when
he was ahead. Instead, he’s
stumbling and mumbling to himself.
“Adrienne! Adrienne!”
He came back again and again.
The twenty-second term of
the Great Senator from Pennsylvania,
Rocko Balboa, takes another beating.
“Cut me, Mick! Ya gotta cut me!”


One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest~by Ken Kesey

Mr. MacMurphy, you must
take your meds, and stop looking
at my bust, says Nurse Ratched.
He continues to act out, play games,
involves his therapy group. He jokes
around, and soon the guys love him.
Nurse R. has had it. Is game time over f
or Randle P. MacMurphy?

Scheduled for lobotomy,
he overpowers Nurse Ratched, threatens her
with a hatchet, and locks her in
a vacant room. She fumes, fusses.
He gags her, steals her keys, and frees
his buddies. Their escape is aided
by The Chief. They are never caught.

74 thoughts on “PROMPT #186 – CHANGING PATHS

    “The Tell-tale Heart” Revised

    I swear it was a vulture’s eye
    Though I admit my vision’s dim.
    Perhaps a robin blinked at me
    A friendly wink I got from him.

    And as for hearing, it is true,
    Whatever sounds I hear are mute.
    A heart that’s ticking cotton-wrapped?
    These deaf ears don’t give a hoot!

    Just what motive could I have had
    To end the old man’s life that night?
    I owed no rent, he did not snore.
    All accusations? Call them trite.

    No tale here that I can tell.
    The old man died. A heart attack.
    There’s nothing buried in the floor.
    More than this I don’t know jack.


    Alt With The Wind

    Scarlet simpered
    and sighed O,
    But none of the boys
    were there* to see her
    flutter and glow
    (no lady perspires).
    No attending men:
    no story. The End.

    *Heat and unsuitable
    attire ignored,
    the men
    were in the horse lot
    playing base ball.


    I think I’ll sit this one out;
    I’ve not been reading fiction
    ever since an educated lout
    tried to change my diction.

    Jack and Rose

    Oh, Jack and Rose were meant to be
    Titanic was designed to float
    They found themselves in icy seas
    Without a rescue raft or boat

    Two dolphins came from underneath
    And carried them to New York’s shore
    So Jack and Rose were safe and sound
    Their love alive forevermore

  5. Dorothy Can’t Make Up Her Mind

    I’ve decided to stay in Oz

    Miss Gulch would be waiting for us,
    and plus

    I like all the colors on set
    and yet

    that witch puts me in a cold sweat.
    But TinMan, Scarecrow and Lion?
    Going back’s tough, no denyin’
    because…and plus…and yet…


    Deagol’s Find

    I think this little
    gold round thing,
    –oh, such a gleam–
    if added to a sharpened hook
    with feathers from pheasant took,
    properly and tightly tied,
    might make a sparky bait.

    And my friend Smeagol,
    need not know
    –if never mentioned, not a lie–
    he need not know
    if this bright glow
    gives me advantage
    as we fish
    the slow old river Anduin.

    (c) Damon Dean, 2016


    What changes would no twister bring?

    The wicked witch? I guarantee
    Would still be

    Ruby slipper’d, with stockings striped
    Black and white.

    Her Aunt Em’s home would not take flight
    No straw psyche; no tin goodwill
    Contentment would elude her still
    And everything would still be black and white.

    © Marie Elena Good, 2016

    (Also used this for the Ovillejo challenge at Poetic Asides. If you haven’t seen it yet, hop on over here and submit: . ) 🙂


    Captain James Hook felt no joy.
    He killed each and every last lost boy.

    He plucked the wings from Tinkerbell
    and sent Peter Pan straight to hell.

    He massacred the native folk
    and all the mermaids for a joke.

    And his henchmen, all did flee
    (except for his moronic Smee!)

    The crocodile ran out of time
    and it rotted in a heap of slime.

    So all that remains of Neverland
    is the mumified remnants of Hook’s hand.

    Never say Neverland again, again.
    The second star to the right has met its end.

    © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

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  10. This isn’t exactly a change of direction, but…


    ‘Til antsy Annie finally
    sits quietly

    the portrait will just be a blur
    with her.

    Cheerless Charlie can’t match his twin’s
    Chesire grin?

    ‘Bout to lose heart, Queen Mum’s done in!
    Yet, wondering what’s the matter,
    their Grandmother Alice Hatter
    sits quietly with her Chesire grin.

    Plotless Willis

    The Christmas Card read
    “Come to the coast
    Have a good time
    Meet me on the 30th floor
    Of Nakatomi Plaza.”
    He picked up the phone
    It went to voicemail
    He left her a message
    “I hate California,
    I’ll send you a ticket,
    Come to New York.”

    What if the kid
    Couldn’t see
    Dead people

    The world killer meteorite
    Was heading straight at us
    Load the nukes on shuttles
    And send them into space
    But who’s gonna’ lead the charge
    We’ll call Chuck Norris

    The perfect being
    Sent to save the world
    Lands in a flying taxi
    And the driver
    Shaquille O’Neal
    Can’t believe his luck

    Simon is home
    Here’s your hot chocolate
    Very hot…. Sip slowly
    Here’s a coloring book
    None of those puzzles you like
    And the phone is out of order

    Mr. Willis
    Got a script about football
    Nah, give it to the Rock

    © Earl Parsons

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