Here’s one that is relatively easy and should elicit a multitude of responses. I want you to write a “week” of haiku. Highlight a week of days in a string of seven haiku. It can be a week you had that stands out, the days of the week each incorporated into the haikus. It might be seven haiku about a certain subject. A group of haiku based on different poetic forms (I’m sure you’d rather a haiku about a sestina than actually writing a sestina!) Anything is fair game, as long as it’s expressed in seven stanzas of haiku!


(The week I remember best – most recent)

Sunday, Watching Evening News

look out window
starling building a nest
inside dryer vent

Blue Monday

gym closed–memorial
department stores slash prices
cemeteries open

Medication & Meditation Tuesday

bumped up meds
concerned about seizures
six year-old dachshund

Wednesday Morning

in morning light
fragrance of lavender
thoughts drift on swing

Thursday, 37 Years Married

on anniversary
drive through forest of fir trees
pale light on ocean waves

Friday, Window Washer is a No-show

all to see beauty
an undisturbed tranquility–
I wash my windows

Snoozing on a Saturday Afternoon

dogs sleep on couch
intense heat shimmers on concrete
let them lie




In the morning mist
sun rises over tree tops
resuming the day

the world awakens
birds begin their tender song
the clouds sing along

in a mountain stream
silver fish are shimmering
sunshine glimmering

this day seems perfect.
Yet, miles away she sleeps
sedated, she keeps

hanging on to life.
But her grip is weakening
slipping from her grasp.

A mother removed
lost in a world not her own,
she feels alone.

Her family is near
but her mind is unaware
with a vacant stare