We’re taking the minimalist view of poetry for today’s “form”. We won’t be counting syllables or getting over-bearing with rhyme. Today’s “form” is the Aubade which is more theme based. The Aubade is a poem written to celebrate the dawn. A good example of this type of poem is The Sun Rising by John Donne.



Call her Aurora,
first light of day. She dapples
maples, and petals of roses
with drops of dew. You do not
see her; she stays behind
the scenes. Her work sings
for itself in tunes of robins,
in glee of golden finches.
Subdued at morn, dawn is pale.
Peer out your window;
your face will break
into a smile. That is her style–
a new day dawns on you.

© Sara McNulty




Another sunrise crests the treetops,
another day to celebrate life
expressed in words and rhymes
and at times, a song or two.
Memories of friends met and connected to,
a slew of poems to remember them,
to hold them in heart when their presence
starts to fade. A parade of word warriors
seeking to hold the flank and to thank the gods
above for the love and guidance; a space dance
of a free and easy spirit. The music of life plays,
I hear it in every rustled leaf, in the coo
of a newborn infant who can’t help but make it.
I take it as another day of life afforded to me.
I see the new dawning with fresh eyes.
It is wise to greet each brand new day,
breaking your own record; your personal best.
All the rest is purely gravy!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016