The re-launch of POETIC BLOOMINGS has rekindled our poetic pyres and has me highly enthused. It comes down to what Marie Elena and I had known all along. We had amassed an incredible array of poetic talent to inspire and by which we could be inspired. That’s a familiar feeling. As we had written last week, it is comfortable. Part of that sensation is having things that we are accustomed to having. A habit, a routine, a favorite…

One of the first prompts here at POETIC BLOOMINGS was something we called “PLAYING FAVORITES”. So, Sara and I want to resurrect this theme and ask you to join us for the fourth installment of this exercise.

Take a favorite line, from a favorite poem, by a favorite poet. Make that line the inspiration, a line or title of your poem. It could be a famous poet’s work… it could even be a poem from one of our own “famous” poets here at PB. We are not looking for a new interpretation of your chosen poem/poet. Make it a jumping off point,  shine a fresh new light on it and write your poem to one of our most popular (and favorite) prompts. And as always, credit the poet and poem that had inspired you.




Every time we drove to the city I’d
see it there, white as a white
shark in the shark-rich Bay, the bars like
milk-white ribs. No escapees. I’d imagine
what kind of depraved criminals were housed
behind all those steel doors and locks.
That is where bad little girls go, ones who
do not obey their parents, they would tell
me, laughing. I would shake, feel my pale
skin pop with goosebumps. It was hard
to determine which behaviors they considered
jail-worthy. It was hard to never feel safe,
sort of like little boxes lined up on a table,
and I would need to be able not to pick

the ‘bad’ box. Somehow I stayed out
of Alcatraz, but it still loomed like a shark
with razor teeth, ready to tear me
to pieces. I grew up. I married, yet
even now I cannot look at that forbidding
building, alone on an island.

***(This first line is taken from San Francisco, by Sharon Olds.
If you have never perused her work, you might want
to do so. She is an incredible poet, expressing honesty
that is sometimes painful to read.)




A man loves from the depths of his soul
for he knows that is the right thing to bring.
He guides and protects those in his charge,
he always looms large in their eyes.
A man will comfort cries and illicit sighs
through his tender and heartfelt compassion
and fashion a life meant to be copied; emulated.
A man will do his very best
and fill his chest with the treasures
his family and friends will offer;
making for very full coffers.
A man that is loved is a man that rarely fails.
A man such as he forever prevails.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016


*** The tradition here has been that my example takes a line from a poem written by my co-host,
so from Sara McNulty’s poem, “MOST MEMORABLE”, the line is “A man such as he forever prevails.”