You’re probably thinking to yourself: “NOT ANOTHER JAPANESE SHORT FORM???”

Sure, why not. Today we’re presenting the RYŪKA.
The RYŪKA is an untitled poem usually consisting of four units
(often treated as separate stand alone lines when romanized or translated)
standardly with the following pattern of onji (sounds, syllables):
where as, the Japanese Tanka is 5-7-5-7-7. 
There are other variations of Ryūka such as
7-5-8-6 or
5-5-8-6 or
longer Ryūka with 8-8-8-8-8-8-8…-6.

SARA’S SELECTION:  (three different examples):

Petals of apricot roses
texture of velvet puppy ears
fragrance floats, scents air around you
spring turning to summer


Stormy blue ocean, whitecaps
air is thick with salt
seagulls squawk, flapping wings fill sky
thunder blasts warning


Neon whizzes past
green, blue, and ruby
hummingbirds discover feeder
needled beaks poke nectar



WALTER’S WORDS (three separate Ryūka):

Witness the beauty of nature
in boundless glory we behold
created to be cherished; loved
worshiped above all else

in the clearing herons land
long flight has ended
rest has come to wings of passion
soon to resume journey
(7, 5,8,6)
serenity lives
beneath the bright sun
lovers find strength in her warmth; light
caresses touch their hearts