We’ve all heard of someone having a comfort zone. To our own extent we all have one. It’s a place where the planets align, we feel connected and the world and words flow through us. All is write with the world. That’s not a typo. We as writers have our own “zone”. It’s the place where we write our best poems. It is a certain subject about which we write. It can be a particular form that gets our expression through every time. Maybe we write with a purple pen (wink, wink), or we wait until the house is quiet where our muse is waiting. We all have a comfort zone.

Today’s prompt is to use a similar example or find something that gives you comfort or makes you comfortable when you’re writing poetry. Write your poem about your space and what brings the best out of you. Get in the zone and write what it feels like. We’d like to know.



Glides to and fro,
my backyard swing,
as if it knows
the rhythm it brings

matches my heartbeats,
catches a breeze–
even in afternoon heat.
My pad on lap, upraised knees.

If I need inspiration,
garden statues are on hand–
White Rabbit’s postulations,
Mad Hatter’s brand of grand.

I envision a wacky tea party,
guests dressed in yellow bows
laughing, drinking–some tardy–
as I glide to and fro.



next to me on couch.
Pillow on my lap, pad resting
on top, thick-lined, fresh page,

waiting for my pen to write
purple words and thoughts conjured

from imagination, daydreams,
and real life’s present sights.

(C) Sara McNulty – 2016




I sit in the Lazy Boy,
making it earn its name,
playing this game of find
the poem in the minutia.
One foot on the floor gentling
rocking, undulating while waiting
for my words to hum. Earl Grey
steaming in the cup beside me.
It provides me with the peace I seek.
With each sip I take, I break
the silence of my mind. Every time.
My rhyme finds its place,
and it fills my space perfectly.

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016