After numerous inquiries about the POETIC BLOOMINGS poetry blog, which had been a popular place to play poet, I have decided to resurrect the original site as it had been intended. Born out of the collaboration between Marie Elena Good and me in an effort to remain connected with our poetic friends and continue the poetic process much in the vein of Poetic Asides (albeit on a much smaller scale), POETIC BLOOMINGS had developed a strong following. We believe it can flourish again. Returning to our “Word Garden” theme, we hope to accomplish that.

So, what can you do? For one thing, please consider returning to contribute to a great body of poetic works. Due to “Life” considerations, Marie Elena will remain as an “Administrator Emeritus” – holding honored status for first proposing the concept of PB, but allowing her to join us as she has time or sees fit to contribute.

So with that in mind I’ll announce that POETIC BLOOMINGS is looking for “a few good men and women” to help out in this cause. Here’s what I have in mind:

I’d like to add two administrators to help with the overall maintenance of the POETIC BLOOMINGS site. You would hold in essence “the keys to the kingdom”. It will give me a little more time to work on my own poetic pursuits, lighten the load and add fresh perspective and ideas to the execution of PB.

Also, I’m looking to add a person to handle each aspect of the original blog:

The “INFORM POETS” feature on Wednesday will be expanded to include a “MY FAVORITE FORM” variation where one of our contributors can suggest and highlight a form with which they’ve had success.

Marie Elena had developed a wonderful style and rapport through her POET INTERVIEWS. I would like to continue this as well with our newer contributors, as well as a “what’s new” update on past interviewees. A person would be required for this as well. You can develop your own style it you think assignment this fits your personality.

Another idea is to have someone compile a weekly list of prompts and activities from other poetic blogs/sites, to keep us all up-to-date on the goings on outside of our little plot of poetic paradise. 

Lastly, the idea of a “Guest Host” went over big when we resorted to it. Those wishing to serve in this capacity please submit your name via a comment or email at .

Please consider one of these ideas and return to “smell the flowers”. Invite your poetic friends to join us as well. And we’ll see what will bloom from that!




  1. I am delighted! After the spots have filled, if there is a job left undone I will do my best to do it. Thank you so much for your dedication to Poetic Bloomings. It helped me to bloom as both a poet and an individual and I am honored to be part of it!

  2. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with PAD just wrapping up –and life in general. Not sure how much help I could offer, still I love the idea of resurrecting the Blooming connections! 🙂

  3. I didn’t contribute before, but I will definitely be contributing and spreading the word for you. So happy the “Blooming” is returning. I love both of you and your work! So much fun. Not sure if I can be a big part of this, but I will bring people here.

  4. Dear Walt & Marie – remember back on the early days of The Street when the two of you mentioned you were thinking of “doing something” … I was interested then and now .. perhaps I could find a place to do something with you both after all these years. I think I’d be best suited in the Poet Interviews – as an analyst I have some expertise with framing questions … I would also be delighted to be one of the administrators. Perhaps this is simply an impulse as my birthday draws to a close – but it might be lovely to be more actively involved. Let me know what your thoughts…publicly or via PM. Sleep well – Dream sweetly and thank you for yesterday’s birthday wishes.

  5. Pearl, I’d be happy to have you in both capacities if you have the time. It won’t involve an extreme amounts of it. And I know we talked of working on something together. This seems a good opportunity. I’m not committing Marie to anything but appreciate her partnership over the years and her commitment when we first started the blog. I think she might stop by from time to time, but she served us well. I think I miss the comaraderie of the old “Street gang” and the encouragement we gave to each other. That doesn’t seem as nurturing as it once was. I hope to recapture that again. Back to basics, old school… Whatever you call it, it was what worked for us. We’ll be welcoming other poets as well as we are an open group. So as I finalize the details, I’ll set a start date and get this show on the road. Thanks for offering. And Happy Birthday again!

  6. What a great idea, Walt. I’ve been concentrating on writing for children at the moment but hope to jump in here from time to time and maybe contribute. This was always such a kind, supportive group and has been missed. I also enjoyed being a guest so perhaps I can do that again.

  7. Poetic Bloomings has long been a favourite port of call for me, and although I would like to help, energy levels and eyes are letting me down too often for me to take on such a commitment. Having hiccupped my way in and out of this year’s Napo, I know that I am not to be relied on!

    Margo Roby does a weekly round up of poetry sites etc, so perhaps you could combine forces?

    Wishing the new team every success,

  8. I’m willing to help with the administration of the site but not sure what I want to do. Guest host is a possibility. In general I’m a hard copy kind of poet, so I like the exchange of written poetry suitable to print on the page. I teach poetry as creative writing and could contribute to that on a regular basis. Comments?

  9. Aww… so wonderful… I am fully immersed in studying the craft of Picture Book writing, (so I will be unable to contribute) but it will be WONDERFUL to read everyone’s work once again!! ❤

  10. So happy to hear this Walt! I have languished in the last couple of years and written fewer poems since the sight was closed. So delighted to have a place to dream and play again.

  11. Hi all! *wave wave wave*

    Walt updated me on the progress and plans. I’m so excited! Sure am wishing I could roll up my sleeves and do at least the interviews again, but I know I would drop the ball. I LOVED doing the interviews. Just too much I’m responsible for in “real life” at this stage of the game. Even my daily writing has dropped to, well … maybe monthly? Oy …

    Hugs to you all, and my very best wishes for the flourishing of Poetic Bloomings. ❤

  12. I’m very excited that Poetic Bloomings is making a comeback. The welcoming atmosphere in this garden is something I’ve missed. Writing has not been in the cards for me these past twelve months. We lost two relatives to cancer and the husband of a very close friend died in an accident. Time began to heal the wounds and I was beginning to work my way through the fog, writing two poems for the April PAD challenges, when I was knocked down by a bronchial infection. I am finally coming out of that and have been able to write some poems in the last couple of days. I feel alive again! I’m looking forward to reading the works of the amazing poets who hang out in this space as well as flexing the muscles of whatever remains of my own muse.

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