After numerous inquiries about the POETIC BLOOMINGS poetry blog, which had been a popular place to play poet, I have decided to resurrect the original site as it had been intended. Born out of the collaboration between Marie Elena Good and me in an effort to remain connected with our poetic friends and continue the poetic process much in the vein of Poetic Asides (albeit on a much smaller scale), POETIC BLOOMINGS had developed a strong following. We believe it can flourish again. Returning to our “Word Garden” theme, we hope to accomplish that.

So, what can you do? For one thing, please consider returning to contribute to a great body of poetic works. Due to “Life” considerations, Marie Elena will remain as an “Administrator Emeritus” – holding honored status for first proposing the concept of PB, but allowing her to join us as she has time or sees fit to contribute.

So with that in mind I’ll announce that POETIC BLOOMINGS is looking for “a few good men and women” to help out in this cause. Here’s what I have in mind:

I’d like to add two administrators to help with the overall maintenance of the POETIC BLOOMINGS site. You would hold in essence “the keys to the kingdom”. It will give me a little more time to work on my own poetic pursuits, lighten the load and add fresh perspective and ideas to the execution of PB.

Also, I’m looking to add a person to handle each aspect of the original blog:

The “INFORM POETS” feature on Wednesday will be expanded to include a “MY FAVORITE FORM” variation where one of our contributors can suggest and highlight a form with which they’ve had success.

Marie Elena had developed a wonderful style and rapport through her POET INTERVIEWS. I would like to continue this as well with our newer contributors, as well as a “what’s new” update on past interviewees. A person would be required for this as well. You can develop your own style it you think assignment this fits your personality.

Another idea is to have someone compile a weekly list of prompts and activities from other poetic blogs/sites, to keep us all up-to-date on the goings on outside of our little plot of poetic paradise. 

Lastly, the idea of a “Guest Host” went over big when we resorted to it. Those wishing to serve in this capacity please submit your name via a comment or email at .

Please consider one of these ideas and return to “smell the flowers”. Invite your poetic friends to join us as well. And we’ll see what will bloom from that!





The Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild was a concept that was born from the ashes of the original Poetic Bloomings/Creative Bloomings poetry blogs. In this restart of the Poetic Bloomings page, we will be under the auspices of the Guild. Any and all poets are welcome to join the PRPG. Comment on this or any entry on the “new” Poetic Bloomings. We are hoping to breathe life into the site that grew out of our connections at other blogs under a familiar roof.

Get re-acquainted with POETIC BLOOMINGS by reading our


page and consider yourself one of us again.


POETIC BLOOMINGS  is making a comeback. Will you join us?

Spread the word to all former contributors to POETIC BLOOMINGS

and invite your poetic friends to help re-plant “the Garden”!