The bard Burns penned this appropriate song which we haul out at the end of each year. So I choose to open with this lyric, “Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind…” When applied to this wonderful place of poetry, it seems a grand impossibility! How could we forget these connections we’ve made here at CREATIVE (POETIC) BLOOMINGS?

The end of another year brings thoughts of hope for wonderful new things to come. It also brings a sadness, my personal loss not withstanding. The passing of my Father-in-Law, John Burkowski is a painfully hard pill to swallow, and although he is at peace, his influence will be greatly missed.

Many have shared their condolences and shared their comfort at his loss. Unfortunately, after discussions with my forever-partner and “best friend” (whom I still haven’t met), Marie, we have determined that CREATIVE BLOOMINGS needs to lay fallow for a length of time. Neither of us are able to continue with its tending right now, with familial responsibilities and issues of rather personal nature. Marie and I will be closing the gates here at CB. We will not be locking the gate however, it will remain at this address, as it will continue to be a beautiful place to read our past renderings. Also, any information about the long-awaited second volume of our anthology will be posted as it nears its completion. (Yes, we continue to push it forward). I personally thank every poetic soul who had graced this place, and our hope is to someday return to its viability! So for now, I’ll say, “Stay well. Continue to pose this poetic wonder and give your words to the world! All this talent can surely stand tall on its own merit. You are all considered friends and you are all greatly loved! I thank you for walking this leg of the journey with us!” ~Walt


When you look up garden terms, you find “family.” For Walt and me, this seems quite appropriate. This has been more than just a lovely place to read and write. Inside these garden gates has been a safe haven for sharing thoughts (both uplifting and sad), well-wishes, and even prayer. It has flourished with encouragement. We all have welcomed one another from the far reaches of the earth. If everyone on this planet we call home treated one another as we have in this little poetic garden, there would be no need for the English words of “hate,” “war,” or “racism.”

Even though I had to leave much sooner than I wanted, it felt wonderful knowing Walt was still tilling and tending. Of course, I completely understand his own need to close the gates. Perhaps there will come a day when we can together open them again. In fact, I feel it in my core that it will happen. Until then, thank you all for being a part of my life that makes me smile with every remembrance. ~Marie Elena

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  1. …to two people I admire and appreciate, thank-you and may God richly bless the seeds you planted and this plot you granted us to share and meet…(I know I have been absent for a while, but cherish this garden all the same). To all my poet-friends here; Happy New Year!

    • Love and luck right back to you Henrietta. Don’t be sad. We continue to grow through adversity, becoming stronger and more wise. Our words will live and find their way into your hearts as yours all will fill ours! Walt

  2. T’hank you both for all you do’ isn’t sufficient to express how I feel. If I truly thought this would be the last of our encounters, I’d be sad, but I know we’ll be mingling our words and emotions in another place and time. See you both there. ❤

    • If find it strange that we people of words find it hard to express thoughts such as these, Patricia. They do seem inadequate, but in truth their simplicity speaks volumes. We will find our words along side each other again, I’m sure. See you there. If you get “there” first, save us a seat! 😉

  3. Tears sprang as I read your words,Walt and Marie Elena. You have laboured mightily and well to tend this poetry garden, to promote creative relationships between contributing poets, and to encourage budding talents.

    I hope the fallow period will not be indefinite, and that you will one day be refreshed and able to return.

    Meanwhile, heartfeld thanks to you both, and all good wishes for a better year to come.

    • Truth Vivienne is that after discussing my intentions to close the gate for a while, I misted up a bit too! They say it isn’t work if you love what you do! Well aside from family responsibilities, Marie and I love poetry, so this “garden” was, is and will remain a labor of love! You are most welcome! Walt

  4. Having been here at “Bloomings” since the first prompt, I’ll say that this garden has helped my poetry grow more than through any other creative outlet. For that, I am incredibly grateful. I add my thanks to the many that will be planted here, Walt & Marie, for your dedication to each of us in our creative endeavors. Your kindness and nurturing-tending have rooted deeply within me a friendship with each of you that is beyond words and blogs. You are in my heart all ways. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

    I look forward to whatever transpires after the field lies fallow. Happy new year, my friends.


    • Paula, you certainly have been a true and loyal gardener, and your work on the anthology(s) has been greatly appreciated. You have ventured into this process rather timidly, but have gained strength and skill in expressing you heart. That’s where it all starts. Marie and I THANK YOU! Walt

  5. I had a feeling today’s message would be this. Or, in the words of the immortal Dizzy Dean: “I had a notion.”

    This is sad news indeed, but understandable nonetheless. Each of you made this a place of magic and education, and I shall miss it. Thank you very much for all you did. I hope all will be well for you both.


    Marie and Walt,
    refreshing as the morning air;
    Marie and Walt
    like carrot cake or chocolate malt,
    could neutralize most any despair.
    Praise them, dear friends beyond compare:
    Marie and Walt.

  6. I can’t say that this took me by surprise. I am sad for this news but do understand why it is necessary. I want to add my thanks to all the others for the wonderful green thumbs of the tenders (Walt and Marie). You can never know the influence you’ve had on me – I so appreciate your prompts and encouragement. I am thankful, too, for all the good friends I’ve made here and all the terrific poetry I’ve read here. This is not goodbye but see ya later and all around the net. Love you both and all the blooms.

    • Debi, your influence and talent were surely inspiring. And that you were mentored by the best says much for your achievement here and around the poetic world. Thank you for gracing these “pages” with us. Walt

  7. A good gardener knows when to put his feet up and listen to the birds for a while. Take care, good people, and may your new year bring blessings.

    • Barbara, you remain one of my most favorite wordsmiths and humorists. Putting my feet us sounds like a grand idea for sure! And as long as the birds aren’t cuckoos, we’re good. I have enough of that for all of us! Thanks for your comments! Walt

  8. I’ve been struggling with how to respond to this very sad post. Walt and Marie, you have been mentors to so many in this poetic community. Your love of poetry and your gift for writing it has touched each one of us. Through the prompts, you’ve given us opportunities to look inside ourselves and to stretch the boundaries of what we thought we could do. There are not enough words to properly express our gratitude. Thank you for the time you have so generously put into tending this garden. I wish you both the very best and, hopefully, our paths will cross again in the future.

    • It doesn’t have to be very sad, Susan. We all need to regain our strength and sometimes a new perspective and some time are all we need! The wonderful poetics lives inside each and every one of you fine poets. We just allowed it to bubble to the surface! Our poems are not dying.Personally, I’ll be available to rhyme for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs! 😉 Paths are meant to cross otherwise it would be a solitary journey! Walt

  9. Dear Marie Elena and Walt,

    thank you so very much for everything you’ve done. The garden will always be there, and I do hope that in time it’ll open its gates again.
    May all your troubles stay in 2014.

    Happy New Year, everyone.

    Sasha (a.k.a. “Happy”)

    • A poet by any other name (Sasha, “Happy” or Alexandra) would be just as sweet with her words! Marie and I were happy to have shared this space with all of you! Write on, you’ll never know where we’ll assemble again! Walt.

    • Janice, we are glad you found it in your heart to share your words here with the rest of these fine poetic gardeners! We were happy to provide this space! Peace and joy to you! Walt

  10. Walt & Marie, I understand why you made this decision, but I am saddened.
    I have loved this site, and the both of you, since its inception. In fact, it is my favorite site of all. I wish you a happier, healthier new year.


    • We’ve loved you and your work since our early acquaintance at Poetic Asides, Sara. No need to be sad. I am flattered that we were your favorite site. You know they say endings are new beginnings! The sun will rise and we will poem together again somewhere. You know that! Walt

  11. So much gratitude for all you’ve done. So many seeds of creativity and friendship sewn here. Thanks for all the planting and tending. And wishes for a truly blessed new year — full of much love and laughter.

    • The best thing about sewn seed, Kimiko, is the resulting beauty that flourishes and continues to grow long after planting. Our blooms and poems will continue to be heard as long as we allow them to! Thank you. Walt

  12. Dear Walt and Marie and all our poetic friends,

    I am sad that the garden gate must close but want to thank you and thank you for all the support, nurturing, and love you have showered on us over the years. This garden is such a wonderful community and I will miss it and those that have flourished here.

    I have been absent for most of this fall and winter, due to busy schedules and all the trials and tribulations that come with, well, that come from just day to day living! So, as I had to step away this fall, I completely understand your need to step away now.

    Wishing you all peace and happiness in the New Year! – Michelle

    • We understand about busy schedules and all that, Michelle. Living day-to-day is ultimate what we do best. That we can do it in a poetic way sometimes, makes us better able to handle it, even is only a little bit! We were happy to provide this space, and don’t be sad. You’ll see us around! Walt

  13. I was greeted with this sad, but somewhat expected message just now. I know that personal issues make this site non-priority right now, but this place will stay in my heart, and I will wait ’til new blooms are ready to spring forth at some future time. Until then, I wish all the gardeners here much joy and happiness for the new year.

    Hugs and love…

    • Thank you Randi, for your work, your acumen and your ability to carry some of this load when I needed to remove myself for a while. We’ll meet again, I have no doubts. Walt.

  14. You both have been amazing – it takes an incredible amount of energy to promote poetry the way you’ve been doing, (so fully and committed), for these years and I’m so grateful to you both, Marie and Walt and for all of the talented poets who’ve contributed, planted and bloomed here, as well.

    I, like Viv, shed tears and also, I’m with Sara, this is my favorite place…

    I will hold this garden and all its poets in my heart always and I look forward to all of the ways we’ll meet in the future.

    ♥ and warm Hannah-smiles to ALL.

    • You, fine lady, were one of the originals “co-conspiritors” when Marie and I made the scene at Poetic Asides. Your demeanor and dazzling smile have always been a comfort and inspiration, and for that we thank you. You continue to develop as a wonderful poet and a loving soul who can only enhance any place you choose to appear!. Thank you Hannah for all you’ve given us. Walt

      • Now I’m all teary again!! Walt! Your words are so kind and heart-warming…I feel so honored and blessed to have been here with you guys – the friendship that has grown has been such a gift. Thank you, so much for the open garden gates here and all of the support over the years…I treasure you both and this garden. ♥

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  16. So sad that a winter season has come for our garden but thank you Marie and Walt for all the seasons you have tended our blooms with such gentle gloves. So much has been expressed here but I want to say that I have truly been honored to have been a small part of this productive sight. Your nurturing gave me courage to post unedited poetry and the safety in this garden caused me to be more prolific and actually have confidence to call myself a poet instead of hiding my poetry. The acceptance of everyone here has been such a blessing and I thank you through tears. So many poets I have never met and yet feel like honored guests in their home as we read and commented on each other’s musings. GOD BLESS YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE.
    Never to be forgotten til we meet again,

    • Iris, as they say, “There are no small parts…” Your contributions here were on a magnitude on par with every other poet including Marie and myself! You had all the talent you needed to call yourself poet. Maybe you just needed a nudge in the right direction. If Marie and I provided that we have done what we had set out to do! We are blessed to count you within our numbers. Thanks! Walt

  17. Walt, I am truly sorry for your loss. What a hard thing to bear and at this time when everything is supposed to merry and bright. My heart goes out to you and your family, and I wish you all well in this new year that is upon us.

    As I read this, I find myself wishing that I had spent more time here of late. Although my mind has wandered far from the poetic side that started to develop here, I wish I had at least come back more often.

    Walt and Marie, you both have been so amazing and brought such happiness to all of us. I don’t know how to begin to express my gratitude to you both. You’ve planted such a beautiful garden here, and I know we’ve all benefitted from your guidance and wisdom. Wishing you both well and I hope you have a happy new year.

    Marie, I think about you often. I hope that you are well and happy. xx


    • Erin Kay, Thank you for your kind words of condolence. I have had my share of Christmas holidays darkly shadowed by the passing of both of my parents and now my father-in-law. But love transcends all and they are all in a place that is better than what they have left. I must say, I have not met a young person so attune with expressing her emotion and feelings as you have come to offer here. Your talent is still in development, but your future is very bright indeed. I am proud to think Marie and I might have had some hand in that end. You are an incredible young woman and I am glad to know you through your words. Keep writing and caring about the world as you do! And be happy Erin. You have been blessed. Thank you! Walt

      • Thank you, Walt. You and Marie have definitely done a lot for me. How would I have discovered my love of writing poetry or learned so much without your help and guidance? I’m going to miss this place but of course, there’s always hope in the future.
        I really do hope things start to look brighter for you and yours very soon, Walt. Thank you for everything.

    • You! This place would never have been possible if it weren’t for you! You kept me writing when I was ready to give up the ghost! And over time, you had come to fit into your “poetic shoes” quite nicely.Remember as we discussed the possibility of a place where our friends could share and continue poetic feats after the Poetic Asides P.A.D. came to a close, how we were able to communicate the concept for Poetic Bloomings and have it online in five minutes. The communication we’ve shared and the telepathy we’ve developed has served us well. It will again someday! Walt.

  18. Marie Elena and Walt, I am sorry to read this. Thank you both for the tireless work, for the love and understanding, and for turning this place into a warm home for a close community.
    Stay well. Love!

  19. Walt and Marie, I understand completely. I thank you for all your years of dedication to Poetic Bloomings, but mostly for our friendship that goes beyond Net sites and even past poetry itself. I wish you both, and all poets here, a New Year filled with God’s blessings. I hope we can all keep in touch.

    • Salvatore, you have been a solid example of what hard work and dedication can do for a poetic heart. You have been a mentor to many here, and we are all the better for it! Thank you! Walt

  20. Walt, so sorry for your loss. And both of you, thanks for this wonderful place. I’m sorry I was absent much of this past year, but it was a lovely source of inspiration and great reading. Everything has a time and a season… be well, and always poetic.

  21. Thank you very much, Walt and Marie, for this inspiring and intimate little garden, which you have nurtured so lovingly and so creatively. It has reflected your own specialness, as well as your unique friendship, like a mirror. Much gratitude and love, Nurit.

    • Nurit, I am happy that Pearl Ketover Prilik introduced me to you and your work. Your voice and perspective are as special and as loving. Thank you for gracing this page. Walt

  22. Walt – Extending prayers and condolences to you and your family in your loss. We experienced this ourselves last holiday season. Watching everyone “celebrate” as hearts mourned the loss of a dearly loved one. As the year progressed there was so much grace and joy provided and the year still seemed to be a flash. I pray this coming year you may find joy and peace. Thanks for your generosity in tending the garden.
    Marie – You are the first person in the internet/poetry world that responded and encouraged a very reclusive, dare I say, poetic heart. I forever thank you for that. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon this little patch of growth in the virtual world. Enjoy your retirement!
    Everyone – There are so many names and “faces” I have learned from, cried with, and said a hearty “Amen” with as I read your words and in some cases gasped, as we saw you baring your roots. As I have not participated much in the past year here, I still do walk the paths and look for the familiar gems that inspire, stir and warm my heart. Wherever the coming year takes us I hope we may bump into each other occasionally and enjoy a word or two. Take care all and God’s Blessings in the New Year.

    • David, we are glad you had chosen to place your work and voice here at Creative Bloomings. You certainly brought something outstanding to our table, and we are all better for it! Walt

  23. Tending the garden of spirit requires special skills and wisdom. Walt and Marie, you have nurtured thought, confidence, friendship, hope, so many good things in this blooming space, and I must say that I’ve come to love these wonderful people I don’t know by their words. I too am slowing down and dealing with different challenges; I understand your needs to step away even as I fret about the weeds and moles of existence. I thank you both for your generosity in creating a nurturing space for others and for your willingness to guide us, teach us, and share your own wonderful work with us. I’m a better poet because of this good garden. I’ll miss it and hope to see you all in other venues until a future year’s planting time. God bless you all

    • Jane, much heart and concern as you ease into dealing with your challenges. As a flawed guy, I understand that all too well. Shifting your focus for a bit will serve you well in life and with your expressive and wonderful poetry. You are highly gifted and I am overjoyed that you found a little plot of space in this grade to nurture and grow in your poetry. Good luck to you, and stay well. Walt

    • Thanks Connie! After all, the most important “rule” here ate Poetic Bloomings/Creative Bloomings was “have fun”! And you certainly did! Your consistent good work was a jewel in the crown of poets who had frequented this space! Thank you! Walt

  24. I certainly understand, but please note that Creative Bloomings and everyone involved hold a special place in my heart. Love to all of you!

    • Love is a ripple in a large lake! It goes out finds the shore and bounces back to you, Laurie! You have done much here and in poetic circles and it has been an honor to host your works on the occasions you could. Thank you and we’ll see you around. Walt

  25. Well, Walt and Marie, my turn, I suppose, if I can tap the proper keys thru bleary tears.

    Even as random as my visits were last year I could sense from recent views that this could be the time. Certainly I can understand why.

    You made a place where I fell in love with poetry again. I can’t remember precisely how I found it but I will never forget the nurture and friendships I found here.
    Time here made me different, better than I was.
    Thank you both forever.

    The soil of this fair garden is but all our hearts;
    the words that have been planted are not merely art–
    they are the seeds of smiles and laughs and hopes and tears,
    ever growing, blooming
    in us,
    for us,
    all our years.

    Love and hope to you Walt and Marie and garden friends.

  26. I’ve been sporadic here because my life has been like yours the past few years, but I love the people I’ve met here, the work that was produced and, of course, both Walt and Marie. Thank you for all the time you put into this. If a break is necessary, then by all means, take one. I completely understand. Take care.

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