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Vers Beaucoup 

The Vers Beaucoup, a poem for created by Curt Mongold, which is French for “many rhymes”. Each stanza consists of four lines with a rhyming word scheme of:


Each rhyme can only use a MAXIMUM of three words. The fourth “a” rhyme carried over to the second line causes enjambment and creates a strong internal rhyming structure. The poem can be any number of stanzas.

An example of the form with the rhyming words capitalized for clarity:




I KNOW by the GLOW of the SNOW

a SHOW was SET to begin. But if we GET

WET then the RAIN is what will STAIN

and REMAIN to be FOUND on the GROUND all day!

(C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2014

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  1. William Preston on said:


    Everywhere in the air is a prayer
    when a pair of red cardinals thread
    with incredible glows through the snows,
    making woes of the night take to flight.

    I feel joy, like a boy with a toy
    to deploy, as I gaze at their ways;
    their displays give a start to my heart
    and impart something whole to my soul.

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  2. RJ Clarken on said:


    Want to eat a beet? They’re neat
    because they’re sweet, and by design they’re the color of fine
    wine. And they’re full of good health with a wealth
    of stealth benefits, not unlike chard. Don’t discard
    these veggies, or you’ll be scarred. Ancient Russians eat beet soup, and their age group
    is (on average) a century plus. And that’s the scoop.

    Silly? Yup? This is my wee break from studying, so it’s the best I can do right now. 😀

  3. William Preston on said:


    The clown in a gown wears no frown
    going down in a sink with a wink
    and a plink as he waves at the raves
    of the knaves. It’s his craft, and we laughed.

    copyright 2014, William Preston


    We can cheer while we’re here. It’s quite clear
    a dear blessing is bound to lessen
    confessing our sins, those greedy whims
    in hymns church choirs shout about.



    A fish had a wish for knisch
    on his dish but instead he was fed
    not by bread filled with cheese as his pleas
    would be teased by the squirm of a worm.

    © Susan Schoeffield

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  7. connielpeters on said:

    Christmas Lights in the Morning

    The light is a sight and I might
    fight to sit a bit
    fit in the chair to stare
    where the tree I can see in peace.

  8. An Angel Fallen

    If by design or not, a mind confined,
    binds the soul, and molests whatever’s left.
    Bereft of flight, a man. Lament a bound torment.
    Amend your ways, amen, lost wings, a sprite of night.

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    The sheen of the scene in tangerine skies
    means a new day begins when dark of night thins
    and spins out the chancing of sunlit romancing
    designed for enhancing the mirth in our worth.

    © Susan Schoeffield

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  12. Ocean View

    Ocean is a potion. The notion
    that this ballet motion of waves I crave
    as my safe haven, could one day be too far away
    to savor, fills me with apprehension and tension.

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  14. Sheer Ice

    Each step’s a battle of slip-trip-skip –
    grip and balance becomes a challenge
    a learned talent of timing steps wisely…
    finding safe places to move forward on ice.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

    • WmPreston on said:

      The enjambment at the beginning is so apropos; it captures the sickening quick-like-a-bunny sensation that black ice gives, especially when you don;t know it’s there. I think this is a superb use of the form.

  15. My attempt at Vers Beaucoup
    Reason for Season

    Bling the bells ring as we sing
    King of earth, now at His birth
    His worth and fame proclaim
    His name alone on His throne.

  16. Darlene Franklin on said:


    No need for waif to chafe, unsafe,
    Where faith abides to guide
    By strides for daily needs, not credes,
    Keyed to future sure to endure

    Upheld by hope, a periscope that scopes
    The rope to hold, then, climbing so bold,
    To stroll on grassy green, her mien
    A-glean, her goal to save souls

    With love, like a dove from above
    God’s love cannot be stopped, nor topped by effort,
    Nor dropped by evil, but able to save
    And ample for all who will call

    • WmPreston on said:

      I think this is so impressive: three stanzas of what I think is a tough form to use, and tougher to master, on just one stanza. Marvellous!

  17. The Emerald Coast

    I toast my host, the Emerald Coast
    The most beautiful sand in the land
    This band of white even shines at night
    It’s a sight all should see; follow me

    © 2014 Earl Parsons

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