It’s been an interesting week in Buffalo, NY. The reports on the news showed the massive storm that had ravaged the area, dumping from a measly 8.5 inches in the city, to seven and a half feet in suburban areas.13 deaths are attributed to the storm.

I’ve heard reports of “enterprising” people charging up to $900 cash to clear a driveway, giving the “City of Good Neighbors” a few black eyes.

But you also heard many more stories verifying that moniker. People helping people, neighbor helping neighbor. Write of a situation where someone helped you when you needed help. Or write about your largess during someone’s distress.

My poem will be posted shortly.

23 thoughts on “PROMPT #176 – “THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS”


    Lost in the caves of my own ignorance,
    Preferring darkness to the light,
    I stumbled through the labyrinth,
    A self-deluded spelunker
    Convinced I knew the way to find myself.
    Each step led to more confusion.

    To the cave walls I cried out, “Who am I?”
    But only echoes of my fear
    Resounded back to me and then I heard
    A voice call out my name and say,
    “You are a child of the Great I Am.”
    Then suddenly somewhere beyond

    Where I stood, a beatific light shone
    Around a shepherd’s thorn-crowned head.
    “I died on that cross to save the lost sheep
    Who in sin had strayed from the fold.”
    He reached out his hand and I was lifted
    From darkness into the Light of grace.



    I hear cold snaps
    and whistles of the wind
    and soul-salving sounds of scraping

    copyright 2014, William Preston

  3. Pay It Forward

    “Real kindness seeks no return; What return can the world make to rain clouds?” ~Tiruvalluvar (Tamil sage and poet)

    Should have gotten that person’s name,
    you know, the one who helped me out.
    That kind soul’s gone, but just the same,
    it’s time to take that kindred route.
    So here’s my hand. It’s open wide.
    I’ll want to be standup, standout.
    You need some cheer? I’m by your side.
    It’s time to take that kindred route.
    There’s nothing I can give to clouds.
    They give. No thoughts of turnabout.
    One person can inspire the crowds.
    It’s time to take that kindred route.
    Should have gotten that person’s name…
    it’s time to take that kindred route.


  4. Clarence and Marie

    “Tell me what you’ll need,
    and I’ll show you how to do without it,”
    said the kind old man
    who lived across the road.

    But he and his wife did a lot for us
    (a young couple and a baby)
    living far away from home,
    our friends and relatives.

    They became our second parents,
    inviting us over for holidays,
    running us to Bible Studies,
    offering us help and encouragement.

    We lost each other over the years,
    but we’ll always be grateful for them.

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  6. Just Little Things

    My kind of kindness
    goes on under the radar…
    on a windy day
    gathering matter street-side –
    neighbor’s wind-blown recycling.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2014

  7. Without Questions

    A see-saw of emotions
    made me impulsive, rebellious.
    Bad choices were never
    surprising to friends
    who knew me well.

    During a lapse in judgment,
    I packed up and moved upstate
    with an alcoholic child-man.
    My friend was heartbroken,
    choking on words she could
    not say. After my stay
    of five weeks in hell,
    I fell apart. One phone call
    later, this same friend
    packed up her young daughter,
    and drove an SUV upstate.
    To this date, I can recall
    every detail of loading
    all my belongings, getting
    lost three times on the way
    home, and how she never once
    lost her cool.

  8. Hey, everyone. I’ve been out of the poetic loop for a while now. Just wanted to let everyone know that I got a new great job and then a couple months later ended up having open heart surgery. I’m on the road to recovery for the next couple of months but may be in and out for the challenges. Glad to see this thing still up and running.

    And I also want to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas.


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