“A quark is an elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of all matter. Quarks combine to form composite particles, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons which join to form hadrons, the heart of atomic nuclei.”

To a poet, words are our quarks, and when joined together they form elementary poetry. A HADRON is an untitled poetic form consisting of just twelve words. The fundamental of brevity is the key. It offers two random glimpses of complimentary thoughts, (the proton and neutron) to form our hadron poem. Created by Walt Wojtanik.

LINE 1: Use two words to set the subject.
LINE 2: Three words that relate directly to subject of LINE 1
LINE 3: two words completing the thought begun on LINE 2, describing it.

The next three lines convey a new thought related to the first in an abstract way:

LINE 4: Two descriptive rhyming words
LINE 5: One word setting up the action conveyed in

No passion.
Empty hearts lacking
love’s backing.
Unfulfilled, chilled;
not stirred

© Walt Wojtanik

Heavy burden.
Weights on shoulders
like boulders.
Aching, breaking;
knees shaking.

© Walt Wojtanik

Race cars.
On track winners;
wheel spinners.
Inviting, exciting;
nail biting.

© Walt Wojtanik

Poets ponder
words to express;
to excess.
Daring pairings;
to rhyme.

© Walt Wojtanik